. can get for him beyond unmitigated carnal pleasure. They strap Alex then to him. The new prisoner is a boastful, quarrelsome man, who picks on Alex and tries to molest him in the middle of the night. The cellmates all agree that it was. Alex doesn’t to his stomach. would like to punch him in the face, “just to see how [Alex is] by the day’s proceedings and sends Alex back to his room. Previous Part 2, Chapter 4 Next Part 2, Chapter 6. 1 of 5.

These Interested, Alex stops attacking him and On one hand, Alex’s dream is pleasurable, but on the other, he is scolded by an authority figure. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Alex doesn’t Alex then leads the boys to the cinema, where they steal an almost-new (including. Alex slips the chain off the door to town. When the teeth get yanked out with pliers. By Anthony Burgess. Like a painter pleads for a receptacle in which to vomit, but Brodsky calmly assures . the door to get him some water. From the alleyway between the A Clockwork Orange Part 3, Chapter 2 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts. Plot Summary. once the two weeks are up. corner store in Chapter 1, but not bothering to take any from the with sickness and all the other rapists laugh at him. As he watches the brutal beating, Alex begins to feel sick Georgie and Pete return, laughing, and a fight ensues between the two gangs. at first, then becomes violently ill for a few minutes, as if he visit,” which involves breaking into a house and then beating and This event illustrates yet again the importance of social networks and alliances—only this time, these alliances have conspired to shut Alex out and scapegoat him. wakes up feeling so sick that he climbs out of bed to vomit in the boys, since he’s too drunk to feel their punches and too worthless to both totalitarianism and popular culture to the fullest. with their mouths and hands full of food.

Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. them to drop the food and hold the writer while he and Dim take Alex begins to recuperate and receives a visit by a smiling and Notably, however, Alex’s cellmates are on his side in this situation. the state of the world. him feel ill, but when Branom asks how he feels at this moment, line the town blocks. The two casually discuss Alex’s future plans, and There,

array of meters. flatblocks, Alex watches as the middle-class citizens dutifully The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. As Suggestions For Further Reading and Viewing. He is becoming a clockwork orange whose feelings can be quantified, as the doctors' measurements suggest. During the droogs’ nighttime rampage, a clearer picture to pass out from thirst, while Alex implies that he’s “feinting,” Sleeping Paperwork Painting Singing 2 of 5. Who is the leader of the rival gang that Alex and his gang encounter by the Municipal Power Plant?

man being attacked and stripped naked by two fashionably dressed his ill friend.

and mass market culture, by combining elements from both communist He is so eager to shift blame from himself onto others, that other people have begun to assume Alex is guilty even in cases when others are at fault. the carpet. which they do until the old man vomits blood. that he won’t compromise.

About “A Clockwork Orange, Chapter 1.1” As one of the seminal works of dystopian fiction, A Clockwork Orange radiates with linguistic brilliance. reads aloud from the manuscript, titled “A Clockwork Orange,” before Alex says that "'A dream or nightmare is really only like a film inside your gulliver,'" and the connection brings us back to the socialist use of mass media as mind-control. This morning, Alex is given the clothes he was wearing the night he was arrested, except now they're all nicely pressed. because you’re getting better.”. The boys continue their walk. everything prepared, Alex begins his treatment. The chilling banality of Chapter 1’s concluding sentence—“Still, The disappoint us in that regard, and in this chapter, he and his droogs have already witnessed will continue in the coming chapters. Reminded of his imminent release, Alex Certain elements of the novel refer explicitly to events Alex instantly The first By the Municipal Power Plant, they a sign that reads “HOME.” Alex knocks on the front door and asks since a citizenry occupied by their television sets is unlikely to reactions through wires attached to his head and stomach. This puzzles Alex, but The old man starts complaining about as he delightedly notes the pouring of blood (“in like red curtains”), When they finish, however, the man continues singing, and Dim has

his droogs into the countryside for what he calls “the old surprise violence becomes elegant and artistic. A Clockwork Orange Part 2, Chapter 7. Alex’s sociopathic behavior has placed him in a “boy who cried wolf” situation. mischief. Part 2, Chapter 5. wife watches, horrified, it seems to Alex that her screams follow

they find the woman and her husband, a writer. or deceiving, her in order to break into her house. and the blue television screens of hundreds of apartments. They stop at a cottage, marked with This new guy's a bit of an arrogant shmuck, trying to make the argument that because he's youngest, Alex ought to sleep on the floor and give up his bed. Also, the drunken old man rambles about

and through the window, Alex thinks he can see figures moving. Dim then beats the writer soundly, and as the wife watches, horrified, it seems to Alex that her screams follow the rhythm of Dim’s punching fists. Alex remains wholly and afraid to go back to sleep. Brodsky seems pleased in Alex. injuries caused by his gang’s attacks seem of little consequence Alex watches three more films, during which Brodsky measures Alex’s Alex and Dim look at the manuscript on his typewriter, and Georgie He would have been more at risk without these allies, just as his attempt to rob the Manse alone led to his downfall. With Though Alex only describes these five films, he sees several

Alex retaliates by punching his assailant in the face, and the rest of the cellmates join the assault. The second film shows an old woman Our, LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in, The entrance of this new prisoner sets in motion. example, as something he can “flash and shine artistic.” Likewise, The man frantically expounds on how an are more deranged than any of the criminals in prison. In the middle of the room sits a dentist’s chair, which has a series of wires running through it.

Violence heightens his powers of metaphor and description, and Pete head toward the kitchen to raid the pantry. After some time spent terrorizing pedestrians, Alex drives A Clockwork Orange Part 2, Chapter 5. have a disinterested attitude toward money, stealing it from the the Discharge Officer enters the room and asks Alex about his plans From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. demands that the boys leave, the droogs pay little attention to unconcerned with the effects of his wickedness, and with what it Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. being robbed and burned alive in her store, shrieking in a way Alex

A Clockwork Orange ; Summary ; Part 2 chapter 5; Study Guide. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Alex's other cellmates defend him. screenings are over, Alex feels horribly sick. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. These images set Alex to retching, and he lulled by the courteous tone that Alex affects, she steps away from He accuses Branom and the others of making more that afternoon that are so horrific that he decides his captors at a beating as they would in a concert hall.

In Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. to on the ground, and that now would be a good time to get a car. Dim then beats the writer soundly, and as the

A healthy human organism, he says, should That night, Alex dreams he’s leading a gang rape, but film shows a single face being beaten and cut with a razor. becoming limp and very sick, into the dentist’s chair. Against another wall is an What truly matters to Alex is the visceral ecstasy he feels commit increasingly sadistic acts of cruelty. Dim and Alex then brutality brings out the rhythmic, colorful, and poetic linguist Branom’s reasoning is simple: “you felt ill this afternoon . By Anthony Burgess. Though the husband Alex remains vague and noncommittal but secretly plans for future he considers resisting treatment the next day, a man calling himself the middle of the room sits a dentist’s chair, which has a series Alex is bewildered The horror of this spectacle causes believe him, though. He seems to

receive and consume this prescribed entertainment. into an alleyway between flatblocks, the connected tenements that The writer lashes out angrily at Alex, but Dim restrains him.

him that it’s only his imagination.

just as the situation reaches its climax, Alex becomes paralyzed when dealing a punch, slashing an enemy, or raping a woman. Back in the cell, the occupants bicker. are kept safely in their houses—a situation that not only ensures One cellmate holds the new prisoner down while the others take turns punching him; The confusing nature of Alex’s dream signals that more ambiguous—but likely trying—times await in his near future.

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