I could hear myriad voices all around me, and I was talking to them, yet not in any language I know. That in itself was unusual… it seemed like all the men had come to be present around that fire, which I had never known them to do before. In South American indigenous cultures there is an oral tradition surrounding ayahuasca use; in ancient Indian texts a specific visionary substance is mentioned (Soma in the Vedic texts), and in the ancient Aztec religion we find mentions of teonanactal (“flesh of the gods”), as well as statues and art depicting mushrooms. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. ... /.../chapter ithe political constitution of.htm, The First Theban Empire History Of Egypt, Chaldaea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, V 2. Salem Media Group. Acacia-tree (1 Occurrence) Acacia-tree. Acacia-trees . (Its been a while since ive read through them).

This makes perfect sense to those who have taking Dmt and I bet it makes a lot of sense to you.
I leave it to the reader to pass his or her judgment. Acacia wood makes excellent ritual tools, particularly an Air wand. It wasnt the same substance at all, unfortunately, but may also be of interest to those researching ethnobotanicals of the Sinai. Shanon argues that the people in that area had access to the same chemicals (DMT + MAOI) which are found in ayahuasca and that they had visionary experiences through combining and ingesting them. But there was one family in charge of the secret “spices” used during the offering of the Ketoret. In fact, acacia wood is the only type of wood used in construction of aspects of the tabernacle. I can’t find any evidence to do with the Avitnas family having this formula, ancient Hebrews smoking sacred incense and entering into altered states as a result, or high priests ‘hotboxing’ a room with this sacred incense. Hi John, thanks for your comment. Bibliography Information Noone explained anything more to me, and I was taken by complete surprise when, after about half an hour, I started to hallucinate vividly. Can I ask what your sources are for this information? Since the ancients used Acacia to build temples, an acacia tree or grove makes a … Turiya. I suspect the Vatican and other strict religious entities suppress and frown upon its use, but it seems quite obvious that it was used during those early times as it is today. Hi, welcome to my blog. We don’t even know who wrote the Bible or when it was written. Read exodus. They were a kind of heavy torpor of the mind, combined with a total loss of body coordination and balance, such that I injured myself badly whilst on it.

There is a body of neurological literatrue that suggest Mose had temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) which would account for have this hallucination. Post says, "It may be one of the thornyacacias" (HDB, IV, 752). Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Acacia, Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Acacia, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Its wood is called shittim wood ( Exodus 26:15 Exodus 26:26 ; Exodus 25:10 Exodus 25:13 Exodus 25:23 Exodus 25:28 , etc.). The reason we no longer have an oral tradition about how to make the formula is because it died out with the Avtinas family. There is no evidence that the people native to the Sinai peninsula or Southern Israel used hallucinogenic brews, even if the plants were available to make it. So … Moses’ acid trips were far more productive (and impactful to an entire race) than at least mine. It has special relevance to me, as I have for a long time been trying to explain an experience that I had in Sinai whilst I was living with bedouins. There were a lot of intricate dynamic patterns comprising of animals, plants, snakes and birds. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. The only evidence for Moses’ existence is from the Bible itself, which unfortunately cannot be considered a reliable form of evidence due to its historical inaccuracies, inconsistencies and unrealistic claims. The bible is packed with drug-fuelled visions of miracles and according to a leading academic when Moses met God to receive the Ten Commandments, he was on a hallucinogen-induced high. There are other accounts that VanGogh had TLE and painted what he saw during seizures.

That said, it is entirely plausible that many of the episodes in the Bible are due to altered states of consciousness (with some authors claiming that the origin of all religions is visionary in nature), but just because this idea is attractive and persuasive, that does not mean it is true. It continued for many hours, I couldnt say exactly, but I guess it was at least twelve hours. I think hes talking about some passages in the Talmud. This is the idea that Moses, the founder and patriarch of the Jewish religion, was under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug during several key events that would define Judaism. In spite of tradition there is but little doubt that Moses' "burning bush" must actually have been a shrub of one of the various thorny acacias, or allied .../b/bush.htm - 19k, Acacia-tree (1 Occurrence)Acacia-tree. Proud member
At one point there was a river of glowing symbols pouring from the sky, rather like the computer code from the Matrix, and if I concentrated I could pick out words and messages from among the mostly arcane characters and glyphs. But many of them were very much offended, and it is said that one, Acacias, of Berrhoea, in Syria, declared in anger, "I will cook his pot for him!". The story of Moses’ life, as described in the Bible, does not necessarily point to a real historical figure called ‘Moses’.

The Bible is essentially a collection of stories, allegories and testimonies which have been passed down through word of mouth and then written down by various, unknown authors. I would also say that Shanon is probably guilty of confirmation bias in formulating his hypothesis.

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