I am in fear, in awful fear, and there is no escape for me. I can tell you this, the book is a literary tour for vampire fans and devoted horror writers. Isten szek!" I could see from the flash of our lamps as the rays fell on them, that the horses were coal-black and splendid animals. Certainly nobody alive knows more about Dracula than Les Klinger!”

—Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and author of Bound to Please and Classics for Pleasure, “For two years I have said that the one book I would take to that proverbial desert island is Leslie Klinger’s The New Annoated Sherlock Holmes.

Before us lay a green sloping land full of forests and woods, with here and there steep hills, crowned with clumps of trees or with farmhouses, the blank gable end to the road. But everyone seemed so kind-hearted, and so sorrowful, and so sympathetic that I could not but be touched. When I asked him if he knew Count Dracula, and could tell me anything of his castle, both he and his wife crossed themselves, and, saying that they knew nothing at all, simply refused to speak further. Dracula by Bram Stoker, Annotations by Mort Castle (Writer’s Digest Annotated Classics)  [And The Annotated Jane Eyre]. Weiland for a superb analysis into storytelling. Story Trumps Structure, Steven James His strength must have been prodigious. The curse has passed away! ", "Now God be thanked that all has not been in vain! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In a few minutes, however, my own ears got accustomed to the sound, and the horses so far became quiet that the driver was able to descend and to stand before them. --"God's seat!" There were many things new to me. I answered that it was the fourth of May. The driver, however, was not in the least disturbed. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The women looked pretty, except when you got near them, but they were very clumsy about the waist. This could not be true, because up to then he had understood it perfectly; at least, he answered my questions exactly as if he did. But a cloak was thrown over my shoulders, and a rug across my knees, and the driver said in excellent German--"The night is chill, mein Herr, and my master the Count bade me take all care of you.

(2018, Jan 09).

Each moment I expected to see the glare of lamps through the blackness, but all was dark.

all made the sign of the cross and pointed two fingers towards me. Now and again we passed a leiter-wagon--the ordinary peasants's cart--with its long, snakelike vertebra, calculated to suit the inequalities of the road. Mystery, suspense, and horror writers, this annotated version of Dracula explores the clever structure, techniques, themes, characterization, plot, setting, and dialogue of the most famous and esteemed novelist of our time. As he spoke he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. I keep my eye out for more but right now, Writer’s Digest has only these two. The dogs are too fierce." I could not understand then what the haste meant, but the driver was evidently bent on losing no time in reaching Borgo Prund. Then the horror overcame me, and I sank down unconscious. This man belongs to me!

If you’ve never read an annotated novel, that is a close and intimate read of the story, you’re missing out on a highly instructive look inside the mind of the writer. He lashed the horses unmercifully with his long whip, and with wild cries of encouragement urged them on to further exertions. Characterizations of Harker, Mina, Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, and Renfield are iconic. I did not know what to do, for, as an English Churchman, I have been taught to regard such things as in some measure idolatrous, and yet it seemed so ungracious to refuse an old lady meaning so well and in such a state of mind. At the first howl the horses began to strain and rear, but the driver spoke to them soothingly, and they quieted down, but shivered and sweated as though after a runaway from sudden fright. Site by AuthorBytes. Then a dog began to howl somewhere in a farmhouse far down the road, a long, agonized wailing, as if from fear.

When I could see again the driver was climbing into the caleche, and the wolves disappeared. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Jonathan Harker's Journal

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