Your business will inspire other companies and individuals to take on environmental initiatives. Click here to see our Adoption Program Guidelines. - MXS Unit Advisory Council President; organized/led; coordinated Squadron holiday party, - Assisted setup/teardown of Flt OIC's PCS celebration; event attended by +70 people--boosted esprit de corp, - Involved with squadron activities; volunteered for clean up detail for former commander's going away picnic, - Selfless volunteer; arranged food, events, & entertainment for 2700 military and family members for base family day, - Organized JBLE Spouse's Picnic; coor'd food prep/setup/tear down...provided base/cmty spt for 115 families, - Assisted w/2 Thanksgiving crew feeds; prep'd/serv'd meals/setup/breakdown...spt'd/fed 775 mil mbrs/families, - Wing AF Ball delegate; drove xxx sq ticket sales/raised >$2K--reduced jr enlisted ticket costs 50%/raised attendance, - Oversaw Sq summer fest; organized entertainment/seasonal festivities for SFS family--promoted unit esprit de corps, - Spearheaded dining in f/SAF/AQC 2-star; vision/senior mentorship imparted--stimulated development f/30 members, - Chaired 435th AGOW annual awards; orchestrated program event/design story boards/set-up--honored 24 nominees, - Top 3/JBSA AF Ball sub-cmte chair; led 23 NCOs f/$118K event/seated 50 DVs--honored AF tradition f/1.1K guests, - Displayed exceptional character/military bearing during two base level retreat ceremonies--upheld AF heritage, - Exceptional Airman; performed parade/funeral duties; recognized for achievement during honor guard rotation, - Devoted 4 hrs to AF Ball; assisted w/setup & tear down--exuded AF heritage/esprit de corps for 300 attendees, - Demonstrated leadership; selected for key position in change of command ceremony--commended for abilities, - Vol'd for 67th SOS change of command ceremony; coordinated PA for event--exemplified a positive AF image, - Asst'd setup/teardown of sq superintendent retirement ceremony; +50 attended--boosted esprit de corp, - Annual Awards Banquet committee mbr; prepared prgms/set up stage--honored Amn/event praised by MW/CC, - Chaired 1st sq CoC committee; directed set-up/tear-down, enforced protocol--upheld mil tradition/lauded by Gp/CC, - Supported a/c setup for 31AMXS/MXS dual Change of Command--stellar ceremony/fostered esprit de corps, - Teamed for 379 EMXG/CC going away; facilitated vols/produced memento--bolstered grp's morale/welfare, - Completed RAP in 1.4K sq mi area; briefed >1,100 applicants on experience/benefits--secured 122 DEP recruitments, - Selected for Wg CoC formation/acted as concierge; greeted 250 Amn/guests...exemplified AF heritage/values, - Proffered Sq CoC/2 promo ceremonies; revered 9 promotees/fostered esprit de corps...exuded prof excellence, - Escorted Gp CC & CC Chief; professionally delivered to ACFT for TDY downrange; enabled ldrshp HHQ visit to Turkey, - Provided acft tour to Gp CC staff; showcased C-17 capabilities; enhanced positive sq/gp working relationship, - Moderated AFCENT awards presentation; recognized seven top performers--team lauded by Major General, - Narrated officer retirement ceremony; imparted honor/dignity on 31 yr career--superior send-off for an AF ldr, - Hand-picked escort for POW/MIA remembrance ceremony; 100 attendees--role exemplified military tradition, - Led 2 Sq functions; 5 mbrs farewells; incourage moral for 50 mbrs in assisted in Sq annual Wingman Day, - Escorted 6 DVs, supported USAFE Change of Command & arranged regular visits to VA Hospital, - Volunteered to load baggage, operate step truck for POTUS entourage--showcased AMC professionalism, - Accomplished 16 hour CPR course; maintain 59 personnel trng--amplified trng quality/improved DET prgm, - Certified PTL/facilitated 215 fit sessions; motivated/paced 370 Amn base wide...key to Sq's 95% FA pass rate, - Lead CPR/AED course trainer; instructed 40 classes/100 hours...certified 225 mbrs/future PTLs across JBLE, - CMI Vol'd 6 hrs; discussed military careers with 50+ High School students--enthusiastically inspired future AF Amn, - Drug Demand Reduction observer; monitored 116 personnel/5 positive results--enforced AF zero tolerance policy, - Spt'd Alternatives to Violence Project; mentored 12 inmates--ensured successful reintegration process f/750 ppl, - Completed 40 hrs Air Force Master Resiliency Training; received SEI code--only 1 of 10 qualified in 51 FW, - Evaluated by QA; 2 personal evaluations, zero findings bolstered >98% pass rate; raised the bar, setting the standard, - FTAC instructor; led 3 resiliency-targeted courses/18hrs; inspired 36 Amn w/Comprehensive Amn Fitness principles, - Dplymt baggage detail POC; coord'd 22 vols/oversaw download 1.8k/50k lbs luggage/eqmt--expedited mbrs reunion, - Provided after-hours support; issued 1K+ consumable pieces worth $6.9M--contributed to mx 80% msn capable rate, - Obtained BLS instructor cert; org'd trng/eval'd 448 tasks/ran courses f/7 Sq/126 mbrs--boosted qual'd SF 95%, - Logistics Resource Mgmt crs instr; edu'd 12 Wg mbrs on risk prevention--fielded Cmd directive/fortified sfty, - Piloted FOD tm during HHQ staff visit; professionally insp ed veh s/prevented mishaps; lauded by USTRANSCOM CC.

While legally the program had to uphold the groups' rights to participate, public outcry and repeated destruction of its sign was a cause of concern.

You can join a popular effort to clean-up litter on Pennsylvania’s collective front yard – its 150,000 acres of roadside. You, your civic or volunteer group may sign a two-year program participation request with PennDOT to adopt a two-mile portion of state highway and promise to pick-up litter at least four times a year. Click here to Register your new Adoption.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is the state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., the nation’s largest volunteer-based community action and education organization. Falls Township For information about adopting a state maintained road through PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Program, contact your local Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator by clicking on your county to see their contact information. Another organization that you can volunteer for is Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. In return, PennDOT will post signs along the highway giving you or your group full credit for your efforts. “We initially inquired with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® about the Sponsor A Highway® Program to learn more about the benefits for our business. - Assisted w/organizing Seymour Johnsons 1st ever Combat Dining In; strengthened wg camaraderie--Promote! This is a pilot project of CABA that has been encouraged and initiated by Jonathan Daniels - here is an extract from his Newsletter story:. Under PennDOT’s Adopt-A- Highway Program, you, your civic or volunteer group can help beautify Pennsylvania two miles at a time.

- Selected as YC PAB POC; dedicated X hrs/pushed key information to parents--fueled activities f/XX program youth! With Ethan Hawke, Christopher Heyerdahl, Chris Sullivan, Elaine Hendrix. Both Adopt A Highway® and Sponsor A Highway® offer an exciting paid sponsorship opportunity that allows your company name and logo to be seen on the highway’s right-of-way.

Collaboratively, thousands of miles of Pennsylvania roadway will be cleaned, and millions of pounds of litter will be removed.

We provide businesses in Pennsylvania with a means to directly reach their customer base through roadside signage sponsorships.

- Planned church lectureship; wrote agenda/coord'd travel itinerary, 2 speakers/220 guests--1st event in Aviano! POC for base-wide carnival vols; 100+ hrs vol'd--inc'd awareness/educ'd 300+ attendees, - ARC Outreach Cmte Mbr; vol'd as tm lead at wilderness survival movie event--1st rate event for 250 attendees, - Spt'd American Red Cross; installed 410 smoke alarms/$7.5K assets--serviced five communities/40 lives svd, - Completed Red Cross volunteer training; dedicated 72 hours on special projects--expanded society outreach, - Sacrificed 15 hrs at 31 FW Red Cross; conducted face painting, 20 children--connected people to community, - Lcl Red Cross chairman; donated 75 hrs/recruited nine new vols--Aviano branch poised to aide those in need, - Amassed 584 vol hrs; Red Cross instructor/Club Beyond/Cub Scouts/Seadragons mentor--enriched youth lives, - Attended Red Cross volunteer training; dedicated 36 hours on special projects--amplified society overreach, - Ran Red Cross fundraiser/trng and local Bazaar security; recruited 81 vols/setup--raised $86K for morale fund, - Completed Red Cross volunteer training; dedicated 22 hours on special projects--expanded society outreach, - Donated blood to American Red Cross; provided "gift of life" to community--increased critical reserve levels, - Directed Op Warmheart food drive; mng'd 32 mbrs/12 shifts/3 days...raised $7.8K/165 meal baskets produced, - Member of the Florida OutServe; vol d at community homeless shelter--provided food/services to 60 members, - Humanitarian!
Volunteered time at a booth to support the Randolph Air Show--event hosted thousands of personnel, - Supported '11 Defenders of Liberty Airshow; readied/tow team mbr for nine aircraft--guaranteed event success, - Moved/set up bleachers for Global Strike Challenge; allowed spectator viewing; showcased AF "air power", - Volunteered at Moody Open House/Airshow; cooked/sold food/drinks--raised >$1.5K towards sq booster club, - Wings Over Wayne airshow volunteer; spearheaded booth set-up--feat raised $1K+ for future squadron events, - Helped with 13 a/c tows for Barksdale Air Show; opened ramp for participant parking--key to airshow success, - Member of 23 AMXS Booster Club; worked Moody AFB Air Show booth--raised >$2K/boosted unit morale, - Misawa AB Airfest Sq booth adjutant; raised $4.5K for unit/bolstered community relations for 110K guests, - Contributed 4 hrs to Airman's attic; organized/sorted all donations--committed to improving welfare/AF family, - Airman's Attic unit rep; vol'd 4 hrs/coord'd w/5 mbr tm/unboxed 100 clothing crates--championed QoL f/3K enl prsnl, - Mng'd 12 hr Airman's Attic overhaul; led five mbr facility clean tm/sorted 180 lbs donations--RAFB resources ready, - Ambassador in blue; donated clothing to Airman's Attic--provided apparel to families in need/improved QoL, - Spt'd Amn's Attic; dedicated 5 hrs to clean/organize facility--provided vital resources for needy Amn/families, - Organized Airman's Attic overhaul; led six mbr tm/8 hrs clean-up--streamlined process for 2.7K mbrs/families, - Positive roll model active in local community; Airman's attic volunteer and Cub Scouts pack 911 den leader, - Selflessly volunteered 8 hrs to Airman's Attic; sorted/arranged donated items--enhanced QoL for mil families, - Volunteered 80 hrs at Airman's Attic; sorted/cataloged/donations--ensured items available for airman in need, - Devoted 6 hrs to Aviano's Airman's Attic; sorted/arranged donated items--enhanced QoL for military families, - Volunteer; Airmen Attic/unloaded truck/Fall Bazaar/sanitation relief--supplied 1K lbs of goods/raised $463K, - Involved; spt'd Amn's Attic re-org x6 hrs, staffed Sq 4th of July booth x4 hrs--strengthened QoL for 3.4K Amn, - Community-minded; organized 2-week/8 mbr neighborhood/park clean-up tm--enhanced local community relations, - Guided park hurricane clean up effort; led 5 tms/20 vols/60 hrs; elim'd 850lbs of trash/clear'd 5K sq ft of land, - Led 57 vols/270 hrs/Sandy Bottom Nature Park; remov'd brush/laid mulch/repair'd rails...saved HR cmty $920, - Rejuvenated JBLE Park; org'd 116 mbrs/364 hrs/6 events...beautified $284k nature trail ensuring safe passage, - Led cemetery cleanup effort; org'd 9 events/mng'd 20 mbrs/450 man hrs...cleared 7 acres/honored 9/11 heroes, - Vol'd 5 hrs to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve; provided gloves/trash bags--94 lbs of waste removed/beautified lcl area, - Devoted 2 hrs to sq Adopt-A-Highway; collected 30 bags of litter--beautified 2-mi stretch of community roads, - Adopt-a-Hwy volunteer--collected 780 lbs trash in 2 hours; strengthened community ties/beautified local area, - Active UAC mbr; collected 30 bags of garbage for Adopt-A-Highway prgm--aided local beautification efforts, - Ded'd four hrs to community cleanup; cleared lawns/removed garbage--provided safe area for Austin residents, - Spearheaded community cleanup; disposed of trash along 1-mi of local beach--efforts removed 200 lbs of waste, - Teamed w/ AFSA ISO graveyard cleanup; vol'd 30 hrs/5 events...revered 2K vets buried at Oakland Cemetery, - Instituted Langley Earth Day; recruited 27 vols/spread 9K lbs of mulch/81 man-hrs...adorned 3K sq ft of trails, - Active ARC leader!

DISTRICT 1 -0 District Coordinator Engineering District 1-0 255 Elm St., Oil City, PA 16301 .

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