Referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) – Have you made up your mind? Without knowing too much about Arrow’s impossibility theorem and Gibbard–Satterthwaite it seems that very rigid criteria are being placed on a voting system for it to be preferred, or even ideal. The perceived costs or cost savings of adopting an IRV method are commonly used by both supporters and critics.

Under the alternative votesystem proposed in the referendum, voters would still be electing just one candidate associated with one geographic constituency. Parliament should represent all sections of society and the Prime Minister directly elected. IRV may also be part of a larger runoff process: The common feature of these IRV variations is that one vote is counted per ballot per round, with rules that eliminate the weakest candidate(s) in successive rounds. Ballots assigned to eliminated candidates are added to the totals of one of the remaining candidates based on the next preference ranked on each ballot.

In my local constituency nearly 6 out 10 voters didn’t vote for the guy that won, as he squeaked home under our current threadbare system with a touch over 40% of the votes cast. This is a poor state of affairs regardless of if you vote for the guy who wins or not. The process repeats until one candidate achieves a majority of votes cast for continuing candidates.
(19 Mar 2014), Formula for the number of Members of Parliament? [18] Australians, who use IRV for most single winner elections, call IRV "preferential voting". It was first used at the Corangamite by-election on 14 December 1918, and at a national level at the 1919 election. To attract these preferences, candidates must make broadly-based, centrist appeals to all interests, and not focus on narrower sectarian or extremist issues. IRV in its true form was first used in Western Australia, in the 1908 state election. However, proper tactical voting – like we see everyday in FPTP doesn’t work.

Theoretically it might but all the reports I’ve seen of real life simulations show that tactical voting can have extreme adverse effects and actually do the favoured party damage rather than benefit them so it would not be used.
You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the publication, and to remix and adapt it, provided it is only for non-commercial purposes, that you appropriately attribute the publication and that you distribute it under an identical license. There is however something of which we can be certain: AV would make UK politics more inclusive by making candidates compete for high rankings from the majority of citizens, instead of solely targeting their own core supporters.

We would be better off petitioning Washington to become part of the USA and voting in US elections…or bowing to the realities of our true status in the global capitalist world by sacking the entire political class,selling off Westminster as a museum and calling in Warren Buffet or George Soros as our interim dictator ….while we adjust to our minor role as a post-industrial,post-democratic Second World member of the USA`s european empire. Imagine that Tennessee is having an election on the location of its capital.

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