His chilling work initially is nothing compared to the balls-out, gory makeup covered incarnation he gets to prance around in later though. This movie was hands down the worst I have seen from director Joel Schumacher. | Lionsgate apparently thought they had a marketing nightmare on their hands... which may indeed be the case. Officially titled 'Blood Creek' on iTunes, it can also be found as 'Town Creek' or simply 'Runes' elsewhere, but like they say, a rose by any other name.

Forgetting the various, small and big, plot holes (arriving at the farm-lair in the morning, then an hour later it's already night and oh man, we've procrastinated so long we haven't done anything; then again we never quite realise why the family has been feeding the trapped vampire, or how and why he made them immortal), the film doesn't really use its promising elements: the nazi-side of the villain is virtually forgotten after the intro. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy If you want to kill a houseful of people, why go in and chase them down one at a time, risking capture or injury, just set the house on fire and shoot them as they come out or let them burn up. It doesn't distract you from the screen. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. I hadn't heard anything about this movie prior to today, but checking IMDb to see what the local cheap theater had to offer came up with this. Blood Creek is by no means a movie you need to own, but its totally worth watching (its currently on Netfilx's Instant Stream in HD and 5.1!). “Blood Creek” is sure to be a cult item once it brutally worms its way into the horror community’s meaty vernacular. The atmosphere is dark and malevolent, and the limited setting--primarily an isolated farm somewhere in West Virginia--used to great effect.

The idea was not wholly original, but I've seen it more on tv and comic books than in movie format. Anyway, with every decent film Schumacher makes, the bad taste of his Batman whoopsies seem further and further away. Town Creek is definitely a good redemption piece. Sign up here. After 10 yrs and seeing this movie listed I decided to give it a try since Henry Cavill (Superman) was starring in it. Ignore the fact that this film is a Joel Schumacher film, its no where near as good as The Lost Boys but its MUCH better than Batman & Robin.

Shame, because it's a ton of warped, bloody fun. Sure, he was looking for one person in particular but what did it matter, he knew exactly where to look and found him within minutes anyway. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Touting a great premise and intriguing cast, the film moves at a breakneck pace after a short prologue that takes place just before WWII. Henry Cavill leads the way in this Horror/gore movie.
Not as good as I'd hoped from my friends recommendation, but enjoyable enough. Copyright © Fandango. For the third time this year comes a movie that on paper sounds like good ol' fashioned campy Nazi fun, and then turns out to be something quite a bit different than its premise, turning it in directions it really doesn't need to go. We get everything from action to dialogue-driven historical context.

This video is unavailable. A Joel Schumacher helmed horror flick starring Michael Fassbender as a deranged, occult obsessed Nazi zombie vampire, hunted by Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break. Once again we traveled through the dark forces of evil in a plot involving occultism and the Third Reich but this time these forces resurrected in the present days. The fantastic villain makes this worth a rental, or a view on cable. Cinemark

He's 70 years old when he directed this, imagine that. Thematically, Blood Creek is a departure even for him, but it's an excellent new spin on the usual horror-by-night formula. Who knew Joel Schumacher had a horror movie in him? Whenever a film is made that consists of actors who are more well known for being in TV shows ( In this case Henry Cavill - Tudors and Dominic Purcell - Prison Break ) they tend to turn out to be Turkeys. The premise is interesting, but it never becomes anything more than a premise. You could say that it could be compared with Jeepers Creepers (the way the killer acted, I mean). You can pick this movie to death about the mentions of Vikings/Nazi's and so on or you could just take it that most movies deviate from the full truth and let it go.

Forgot your password? Sign up here. I was disappointed. Coming Soon. Hats off to Fassbender under all that chatty, gooey makeup, his physicality is really menacing, and who else gets to play a Nazi vampire zombie who pounds a metal stake into his own forehead to make room for an emerging third eye? Though I know Schumacher is an established and good director, it's still hard to forgive him for practically ruining the Batman franchise.

Joel is known for a few blockbusters like Batman and Robin and Batman Forever or even for 8mm. I should have known better really. Yeah, you read that right. It's hard to be too rough on a movie in which a zombie horse -- yes, horse -- pulls a victim through a window with its big horsey teeth. SYNOPSIS: A struggling, German, immigrant family in West Virginia, in the early 1930’s, receives a letter from the Reich that they will be paid for housing a Nazi scholar Richard Wirth, (Michael Fassbender) while he conducts research. I give a big applause to Joel Schumacher, the director. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Sounds like a flick from an alternate dimension that doesn't exist, right? This one comes way of Joel Schumacher, the world's most uneven and undependable filmmaker, and this is probably the film that reflects that the most: uneven, undependable. Regal So I had no expectations to the movie, as I had no idea who was in it or what it was really about. The final confrontation is an unnecessary move by the bad guy so he can be defeated. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service.

In addition, Emma Booth (The Boys Are Back, Clubland) and Shea Wigham (Splinter, Tigerland) both do well enough in supporting roles.

Having no desire to see anything else that was playing, my wife and I decided to drop a couple bucks on it and we were not disappointed. Five campers act on a dare that could turn deadly when they to go to a haunted area. Is it worth a watch? [The story is] pretty silly and unfortunately some of the scenes obviously intended to be shocking and effective are hobbled by budget; the dodgy CGI really undermines the scares. Blood Creek (2009) - Review - HorrorNews.net.

"Blood Creek" is a whole hell of a lot better than any movie called "Blood Creek" has a right to be.
User Ratings Kinda a Nazi Zombie movie.

Zombie horses.

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