7.4 Home Burial by Robert Frost. Moreover, he is not able to express his anger and sorrow through words anymore. With Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Max von Sydow. It is obvious, that the boy has developed these fears after the ''worst day'' (12). According to the death of his father, Oskar mentions that even after one year of the terrorist attacks “there was a lot of stuff that made [him] panicky like […] airplanes, Arab people, bags without owners [and] smoke […]” (36).  (Anglistik). The novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, deals with a nine-year old boy, Oskar Schell, who tries to detect the meaning of a key, which he found in an envelope labelled “Black”, by his father, who has died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

But, in the course of the story Oskar changes in his thinking as well as in his behaviour.

After the lesson the students should have general knowledge about trauma and its effects. As mentioned above Oskar thinks a lot about adult themes but, when it comes to his feelings he describes his grief by wearing “heavy boots”: [...] I got incredibly heavy boots about how relatively insignificant life is” (86). He has a strong emotional bond to his father, who was as Ingersoll states “the perfect father, reminiscent of the idealized father figure” (55). Oskar’s first step into the ‘working through’ phase to overcome his trauma, described by LaCapra, is when he confesses to the renter, who is actually his grandfather, that he could not answer the phone when his dad called from the World Trade Center: “He needed me, and I couldn’t pick up [the phone]” (301).
As everyone could be affected by trauma I determined this topic for my planned lesson. Some scholars have suggested that Oskar offers an impressionistic look at the loss of innocence and sense of safety that Americans and, in particular, New Yorkers felt after 9/11.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close literature essays are academic essays for citation. [2] If not otherwise noted, quotes will be taken from this edition with the page numbers in brackets. Little by little the boy turns from a melancholic to a mourner and goes through a great development of ‘acting out’ to ‘working through’ (Ingersoll 64;Uytterschout, 233). After the confession it feels like the boy is relieved, as before Oskar says “[t]hat secret [is] a hole in the middle of me that every happy thing [falls] into” (71). Trauma seems to me being an essential topic to discuss in school as everybody sooner or later has to deal with loss or already dealt with it in the past. The doorknob of this chapter has not got a keyhole at all. Most of these feelings are only set in his mind like in the part of the book where Oskar plays the Role of Yorrik in a school play of Hamlet. He imagines himself smashing the head of Jimmy Snyder, a bully who terrorises him at school, but soon bursts out into a tirade of violence, directed against all the things and people that weigh heavy upon his shoulders: The only thing that makes any sense right then is my smashing JIMMY SNYDER's face. This is underlined by the fact that he accuses himself for having not at least died with them (132). Caused by repetition of the event the traumatic past remains current.
The first word he loses is the word ‘Anna’, which implies her importance (16) and innocence, so as if to reverse his own history of creation: In the beginning was no word. He has tattooed yes and no on the palms of his hands (260-261.) 7.1 Lesson plan [1] The symptoms that may appear in case of PTSD areirritability, sleeping disturbances, nervousness, emotional numbness, difficulties in concentration, hypervigilance (see Flatten, G., 2004, 33).

Therefore,it is imaginable that he forbids himself to live a normal life. It comes to recurring hallucinations, dreams, thoughts or behaviour. In this chapter the focus is on the three main characters Oskar, Grandfather Thomas Schell Senior and Grandmother Schell. He thinks that just going on with life would be like a betrayal to his father. However, when Thomas says: “I want[…] to pull the thread, unravel the scarf of my silence […]” (17), he rather sounds as if he would prefer to regain a normal life. The symptoms[1] can be put under the denominator of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Leys, 2).There are various theories which give reasons for suffering from trauma. In all chapters of Grandfather Schell’s different pictures doorknobs appear. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Searching for distraction, not knowing how to continue life, feeling lost and anger corresponds to the ‘acting out’ mode which LaCapra describes in his trauma theory.

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