It was on Sunday that the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost. Also, we have seen that there is a sabbath principle stemming both from creation and the law which is valid for today, and that Christians should set aside Sunday as the Lord’s Day for observing that sabbath principle.

The substitution, in the LXX. I know what is said about how to rest, but I try it and it doesn't work. "Thus the heavens the earth were finished" (Genesis 2:1a RSV) and "God finished his work" (Genesis 2:2b RSV). Read the book of Hebrews and you will see how beautifully all this is brought out. God is not creating physically today. Q. Thus Adam, in communion with God, living in a perfect environment, reflected on the greatness and majesty and goodness of God. Your Christian life became boring and dull, barren and uninteresting. It was a beautiful picture and I showed it to all my friends dozens of times.

Do you find yourself able to cope with the situations in life into which you are thrust day after day, moment by moment? Why must we work at this? The principle of one day each week set aside from our hectic lives to rest and worship God is for our benefit. As we walk in the Spirit and grow in the love of God, He will work in us the desire to honor Him by setting aside a day for Him each week, not as a duty of law, but as a delight of love. The history of the Jews shows how prone we all are to set up rules that are not from God and take pride in keeping them, even though our hearts are far from God. The law was given in part to show sinful man that he could not live up to the holiness of God in his own effort. which depends on Sunday business to survive. 15:32-36). Therefore, whatever the Sabbath is (which we will see as we go along), it is a perfect thing. (Hebrews 4:9-10 RSV). That does not mean rest as we often think of it. Some twenty-two years ago when, as a much younger man, I was in Hawaii, I found myself engaged to a lovely girl who lived in Montana and whom I hadn't seen for three or four years. (Miscellaneous Writings, “A Scriptural Inquiry as to the Sabbath, the Law, and Christian Ministry” [Loizeaux Brothers], 3:6-7.). He himself said, "It is the Father who dwells in me who does the work," (John 14:10). 1007.

Others say, "I see all this, and I want to do it too. It was still a beautiful picture, and I noted that she had not changed very remarkably since those days, but I found that the picture was quite incomplete and unsatisfying. Rest, with all it implies in terms of fruitfulness and dominion; reigning, ruling, producing that which is worthwhile and satisfying in life. Therefore, it is clear that the word rested in Genesis 2:2 does not mean God needed to have a physical rest.

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