Mr. Widmar happily resides in Dayton, Ohio with his magnificent wife, Vicki, but is often on the road with her exploring new destinations. Highway Thru Hell is not your average reality TV show, especially with regards to its content. That's right, the show hails from the wonderful lands of Canada and focuses on the rescue service located along the Coquihalla Highway, a long 201-mile stretch of road that connects Vancouver and the Rockies. Semi-truck drivers must cross these roads every day, and their struggles are shown in the exciting TV show Outback Truckers. There’s only one season currently on Netflix, but this ten-episode run is definitely worth binging. That's right, a few years ago, Top Gear was the best show on television—at least for petrolheads—with the programme regularly raking in millions of viewers across the globe. And now that we’re social-distancing, we need more good movie options than ever. However, sadly, the Hollywood appeal didn't quite transfer over to this other show, Paul H0llywood's Big Continental Road Trip, a program that deals with cars instead of cakes. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. No matter what your interests are, you can no doubt find something on Netflix to suit your fancy; the variety of shows and movies in the streaming service’s library abounds. Hyperdrive tests the skills of elite drivers in staged scenarios and obstacle courses. Yes, Netflix is responsible for a binging industry that allows regular folk to somehow manage to lose six hours of their lives sitting in front of a TV screen. Set in the Rocky Mountains, this show just had its third season arrive on Netflix this fall.

Not only are they popular but they are also extremely successful and the genre has generated large amounts of money across the globe. That’s the premise of this high-octane show that pits sleeper cars against supercars. If you think the most comfortable seat in your house is actually in your car, you should definitely check out The 15 Best Car Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now. Car restoration shows might be all the rage but Car Masters: Rags to Riches is most certainly one of the best. We list the 50 best comedies streaming on Netflix.

Overall, the show is exceptionally popular, with the safety team particularly praised for their bravery and courage. It’s a must-see if you’re an F1 fan and love watching exclusive footage of your favorite drivers and teams. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. He gleefully utilizes his background in theater, literature, and communication to dramatically recite his own articles to nearby youth. Sadly, the show just doesn't quite deliver, with each episode more of a let down than an exciting idea. The doc centered on the privateer team Jota Sport and their final bid to win the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014. Two of the show’s seasons are currently on Netflix. Whatever the case, it's still a bad show.

Each episode saw a team of five people (with some mechanical and engineering knowledge) attempt to turn a regular-sized vehicle into a monster machine, hence the name Monster Garage. Monster Garage first aired in 2002 and ran for a lengthy five seasons, finally ending in 2006. There’s no overstating the fact that Netflix has lost a lot of prime movie options in the last few years. However, the show isn't really about cars at all and is just a chance for Seinfeld to show off his wealth and the wealth of the guests that he "interviews" in his expensive vehicles. Overall, the documentary told a seemingly interesting story, one with highs and lows and all the things you would expect from a mediocre documentary. The show debuted in mid-2017 and the first season (three episodes) can be found on Netflix, in which Paul drives around Italy, Germany, and France. However, it's not all glitz and glamour and many of these TV programs detail some exceptionally talented individuals and their hard work, especially with regards to car and motorcycle transportation shows. 10 shows every auto enthusiast should stream on Netflix Fastest Car. Paul Hollywood is famous for the popular show, The Great British Bake Off, a show that focuses on baking and cakes. Sounds great, right? However, not all of them are good. Love seeing a broken-down rust bucket brought back to its former glory? That's right, James, who claims to be the great-great-grandson of the notorious outlaw, is the founder of the custom chopper garage, West Coast Choppers.
Directed by Akiva Schaffer. Yes, the show is extremely popular and mostly known for their extreme car and motorcycle modifications, as well as some minor amateur dramatics from the staff—this is a reality TV show after all. West Coast Customs (WCC) is one of the most famous car garages for vehicle upgrades in the world and is also highly regarded as one of the best. Furthermore, the documentary doesn't quite reveal anything new or at least, it doesn't to car enthusiasts, anyway. Learn more about the technology in the Ram 1500. In fact, there are at least 20 automobile-themed car and motorcycle programs on Netflix. Furthermore, it was recently reported that the idea for the show was actually taken from another person, with producer Christian Charles claiming that he was the one who came up with the premise. The show has a number of outlandish characters and is known for its funny storylines and eccentric staff members. The show was extremely successful, with host Jesse James a large part of its success. You can watch all of these shows right now on Netflix if you have a subscription. In fact, Highway Thru Hell is so successful that it is now in its seventh season, with more seasons most definitely to come in the very near future. The plot focused on Jackson "Jax" Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam) and the ins and outs of motorcycling clubs and their communities. The show shares similarities with Heavy Rescue 401, so if you like that one, you’ll probably enjoy Towies too. Netflix is usually great for documentaries, especially ones that have six parts. These programs not only offer audiences a glimpse into the real lives of mechanics across the globe but also some insight into what exactly goes on beneath the hood, along with the intricate details of motor vehicle and design. Self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Kimble is preparing for the jump of his life - to clear fifteen buses to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank's life-saving heart operation.

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Yes, you can really trust this show when it comes to big trucks and saving lives. Sadly, the antics of the three presenters, Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, have somewhat distracted real car fans from the actual car stuff but the reviews still manage to stay on point. Hollywood is one of the judges and has somewhat managed to garner legions of fans all over the world, mostly due to his deep blue eyes. The best comedy movies on Netflix include Wet Hot American Summer, the 40 Year Old Virgin, Hot Fuzz, and more. For motorsports enthusiasts (like the ones on The News Wheel staff), this series is an immersive journey behind the scenes of recent Formula One championships. As a result of its success, the show was given a second season with a further seven episodes planned. Plus, the show just didn't have those meaty storylines that so many modification garages now have. That's right, Roadkill is actually rather boring and was only initially successful due to the smart move of putting it on the internet. Sources: The News Wheel, IMDb, and Netflix.

In fact, the garage is so famous, that it now has its own TV show, Inside West Coast Customs. A reality competition show about street racing? The online show is extremely popular and can also be found for free on the Motor Trend channel. However, despite the cringe-worthy storylines, the show delivers some exceptional engineering work, with a number of the automobiles and motorcycles going on to win awards for outstanding mechanical design. However, it is the presenter, Danny "The Count" Koker who really stands out. Driving through the rural lands of Australia isn’t a joy ride. We’d like to think that losing all the obvious things that top everyone’s list of great car movies makes it easier to focus on the hidden gems that you may have previously overlooked -- or that you didn’t even known existed. Rust Valley Restorers follows auto collector Mike Hall as he and his restoration shop give new life to scrapped vintage automobiles. It’s filled with hazards like wildfires, scorching deserts, and hidden mud bogs. The movie was first released in 2015 and focuses on the history of hypercars and what they are used for today. There’s no overstating the fact that Netflix has lost a lot of prime movie options in the last few years. The online show is extremely popular and can also be found for free on the Motor Trend channel. No offense, Paul, your cakes are great. With Andy Samberg, Isla Fisher, Ian McShane, Jorma Taccone. Yes, despite the amazing cars that St. Antoine was allowed to drive, the episodes somehow managed to run dry and the show was forgotten about. Sadly, Journey To Le Mans just didn't quite cut the mustard when it came to gripping action, with the documentary somewhat boring. Get an inside look at the famous Gotham Garage in this family-friendly car restoration show. While you won’t find the likes of Vanishing Point, Two-Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Christine, or even any of the entries in the Fast and the Furious franchise on this list, it’s not because we don’t love them. Car-lovers and gearheads have a lineup of shows available to them that deliver the greasy, high-octane thrills that they want. That's right, A Faster Horse, which focuses on Ford's beloved creation, the Mustang, is a severe letdown when it comes to enthralling and exciting documentaries. Better luck next time, Netflix. The company is highly respected in the restoration game, with their prices certainly reflecting their success. Roadkill is an automobile-themed internet-based series produced by Motor Trend and Hot Rod magazine. Counting Cars is one of the best car restoration TV shows on television and is extremely popular all over the world.

However, it just wasn't enough. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists.

Rather, it’s because you can’t stream them at this time. ), New Things to Watch on Netflix This Month. Corvette Nation is basically what it sounds like; it is a show about Corvettes, and who doesn't like Corvettes?

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Yes please! The show raked in an average of 4.9 million viewers each week, making it one of FX's most successful series.

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