There is no doubt that 2 Corinthians, along with 1 Corinthians and the other letters written by Paul, is an authentic part of the Bible canon.​—See “Introduction to 1 Corinthians.”, Copyright © 2020 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Paul often portrays himself as struggling to maintain his authority as an apostle with the Corinthians, and to preserve the Corinthians from apostasy; this would be unlikely for an imitator, A. 8--9), F. Paul desired to encourage the church to continue in obedience to his words because God is speaking through him. If Paul had visited the Corinthians (in the unrecorded/sorrowful visit) after he wrote the “lost” epistle, then he would have probably explained this point in person rather than needing to explain it in another letter (our 1 Corinthians), 1. In a sacred experience recorded in 2 Corinthians 12:2–4, Paul described himself as “a man in Christ” who was “caught up to the third heaven,” where he saw and heard unspeakable things.

Related Topics: Introductions, Arguments, Outlines, Malick received a Masters of Theology in Bible Exposition, with honors, from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1984. 4 Harold Hoehner, “Chronology of the Apostolic Age,” Th.D. The cosmopolitan church in the city of Corinth and central to southern Greece (2 Co 1:1; 6:11). 6:9-10); 5:15-16 (2 Cor. E. This book has been neglected by scholarship and in preaching. c. Paul made an emergency, painful visit to Corinth (not recorded in Acts, cf. Paul was a powerful writer, but weak in personal speech (cf. 15:19), D. Therefore, 2 Corinthians was probably written about eighteen months after First Corinthians (AD 55/56), or in the fall of AD 56/57, B. Paul’s second missionary journey AD 50-52, C. Paul’s third missionary journey -- AD 53-57, 1. More than any of his other letters, 2 Corinthians shows us the heart of Paul as a pastor. While 1 Corinthians does not express a sorrowful tone on behalf of Paul. Correct Doctrine: Paul wasn't trying to win a popularity contest when he confronted false teachings in Corinth. d. Paul planned to meet Titus in Troas, but Titus did not come, so Paul went to Macedonia (cf. I Cor. 12:1ff). Among the many topics that Paul discusses in his second letter are reminders that God comforts his people (2Co 1:3, 4), qualifies them to be ministers of a new covenant (2Co 2:16, 17; 3:5, 6), and gives them power for the ministry (2Co 4:1, 7-18). It is also possible that Paul wrote these after he heard about a new outbreak of opposition within the Corinthian fellowship. The Church in Corinth was planted on Paul’s second missionary journey in AD 50-51 after his visit in Athens (cf.
“This is the third time I am coming to you.” (2 Cor. A. They apparently brought a letter from the Corinthian house churches containing questions. It is generally agreed that Paul was the author of Second Corinthians (except for portions (e.g., 6:14--7:1) which some understand to be non-Pauline interpolations, B. READING CYCLE TWO (from "A Guide to Good Bible Reading"). The Apostle Paul is the author of 2 Corinthians.
Paul’s unrecorded visit (his actual second visit) is probably the sorrowful visit mentioned in 2 Corinthians 2:1; 12:21; 13:2 cf. 2:3,4,9 are epistolary aorists and refer to II Corinthians.

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