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Havershaw | Tangled Villains | Terrence Wheeler | Parker | Amphibia Villains | The Little Mermaid Villains | Charles Olympus | 101 Dalmatians Villains |

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Little_Hans?oldid=3890440. Snerbert |

Facilier's Shadow | Mortimer Mouse | Mr. Big | Leland Drury | James Haggin | King Stefan (2014) | Horned King's Army (Creeper & Gwythaints) | V.A. Cy-Bugs | Knave of Hearts | Humma Kavula |

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", In the end, Hans and the rest of the German soldiers march off to war only to fade into rows of identical graves, with nothing on them except a swastika and a helmet perched on top. Tamatoa | Borra | Frozen Villains | Ute Chief | Wynnchel & Duncan | Witch Hazel | Red Queen | Alice in Wonderland Villains | Thus Hans' education is complete – "his education... for death.". Weasels | Madam Mim | Thugs (Fidget, Felicia & Bartholomew) |

Right after the teacher showed the class about the fox (which represents Nazi Germany) eating a rabbit (representing the "weaker" people and nations that the Nazis wanted to conquer or exterminate), Hans feels sorry for the rabbit shocking the teacher and the students, the teacher became furious and forces him to sit in the corner wearing a dunce hat. Hans then spends the next several years "Marching and heiling, heiling and marching!" Sark |

Bandits | It | Years later, as Hans grows up, he hears a distorted version of Sleeping Beauty depicting Hitler as the knight in shining armor rescuing Sleeping Beauty, an obese Valkyrie representing Germany, from a wicked witch, representing democracy. Zhan Tiri | Butch the Bulldog |

Biography. Frank Slater |

Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) |

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Hans then takes part in a book-burning crusade, burning any books that oppose Hitler (Einstein, Spinoza, and Voltaire), replacing the Bible with Mein Kampf and the crucifix with a Nazi sword, and burning a Catholic Church. Jack and Ralph | Pom-Pom | Ginarrbrik |

Amos Slade | Sarousch |

Huntsgirl | Pap Finn |

Cecil Clayton | The Owl House Villains | Walrus & Carpenter |

Dawn Bellwether | Borg Guillarson | Speed |

Lock, Shock & Barrel | Red Stick | Sa'Luk | A.J. Thantos DuBaer | Mr. Wesley |

Winifred Sanderson | Elliot T. Jindraike | Peter Pan Villains | Zarina, Sequels

Cave of Wonders | Sheep Cops | Bradley Uppercrust III | Jubjub Bird | Tess Tyler | Lyle Tiberius Rourke | Cinderella Villains |

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Nemean Lion | Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. He "sees no more than the party wants him to see, say or do", So Hans continues marching with millions of soldiers, until they were faded into the row of graves with nothing but their helmets (indicating that Hans was killed) his education is complete, his "education for death". Blackbeard | Jenny | Pink Elephants (2019) |

Lyle Van de Groot | Buldeo | Malcolm | Speckles | Jay Fuller |

Robin Hood Villains | Jacques Lebeau | Sparky | Milady de Winter |

Aconcagua |

John Ricketts | Nessus | Norman Snively | Shelley | King Leonidas | Mother Gothel | Hans later attends the book burning crusade, burning any books that were written by Einstein, Spinoza, and Voltaire, and destroying the church. Gilbert Sipes | Fates |

Gag Halfrunt | Since this short came out 2 years before the actual war ended, this was supposed to show the audiences back in 1943 that the Reich was going to stay for years in the future, but fortunately never happened.

The King and the Duke | Angelica Teach | Andrei Strasser |

Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Little Hans In the early 20th century Sigmund Freud was under pressure to provide evidence to support his theories from client cases. Rico | Gaston LeGume |

Phineas and Ferb Villains | Beauty Smith |

Nigel |

Miraz |

Diaval |

Beatrice Stanhope | Jadis the White Witch |

Uto & Kago | James Madison |

Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | But I must be quick, he thought, or father will be cross with me.

Erik & Francis |

Sofia the First Villains |

Sergeant Harley |

Tal Hajus | Werecat Lady | Before he was born, Hans' parents are made to prove they have pure Aryan blood and agree to give their son, whom they name Hans at the approval of the judge, into the service of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Big Mac | Little Hans. Cheshire Cat | Leviathan |

Matai Shang |

Agent Woods | Louise Walker | Isaac | Villains.

Being recovered, Hans continued attending the class saluting to the portraits of Hitler, Goring, and Goebbels. Sleeping Beauty Villains |

Bori Khan | Vidia | https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Little_Hans?oldid=3986210. Ian the Gator | Lil Lightning |

Claude Frollo |

Chief | Dr. Terminus | Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Timber Wolf |

Black Triangles |

Queen Narissa | Rustlers | Julius | Opal Koboi | It was a revised version of Hood and Slaughter's pantomime Hans Andersen's Fairytales, based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen which had opened at Terry's Theatre in December 1897.

Cherokee | Arthur | PAT | Charles Hendrickson | Lip-Lip | Mack McCro |

Thomas Jefferson |

Little Hans is the protagonist of the infamous 1943 Disney short Education for Death. Meredith Blake | The Watcher | Oswald Granger | Jim Bob | Tad White |

Vikings |

Lilo & Stitch Villains |

Shadow Blot |

Alameda Slim | Bill Bluff | Little Hans is a young German boy, who, over the years, is indoctrinated into a highly-propagandized version of Nazi life and is the anti-hero in the 1943 animated short Education for Death. Injun Joe |

Commander Heist | Fantasia Villains | Winnie the Pooh Villains | Spectrus | Tony Perkis |

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Elliot Coleye | Professor J.T. Ripslinger | Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) |

David Nix | Ajax Gorilla | Chip Whistler, Disney Parks

Wolves | Charlotte |

Magic Mirror | Sarah Sanderson | CLU 2 | In the alternate version of Nazi Germany, Hans' parents appeared in the courthouse asking the judge if they are the pure blood of Aryan and named their child "Hans", which the judge agrees. Gazeem |

Woolter | Years later, Hans hears the disoriented version of the Sleeping Beauty which features the witch as Democracy, the princess representing Germany, and Adolf Hitler as the knight.

False Shadow Blot | Eli Squinch |

Diablo the Raven | Janice Avery |

Mulan Villains | Shere Khan (1998) | Dark Dragon | After the last performance of the Savoy Opera A Princess of Kensington, produced by William Greet, the cast of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company dispersed and many of them moved to the Adelphi Theatre to appear in the new musical comedy The Earl and the Girl (1903), also produced by Greet, where they next appeared in Little Hans Andersen from 23 December 1903 to 16 January 1904 for 23 matinee performances. Kendall Duncan | Evil Clown |

Muppet Villains | Contents . The King (2017) | Air Bud Villains | Yzma | Edgar Volgud | Bigfoot Mason |

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