You do not want to live fast to the point that you do not stop and take time to smell the flowers or gaze in wonder at the incredible beauty that the day has to offer.

Quotes about. Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible. But because you go that fast, you don't lead the life you should lead. Votes: 2, I think we live in a world where the most important thing is daily life: sharing a space with your family, making meals, being with your people. It's all funny. Slow down and enjoy life.

Votes: 2, Life is long. It's going to be really cool. Votes: 2, I don't think we realise just how fast we go until you stop for a minute and realise just how loud and how hectic your life is, and how easily distracted you can get. When you're at school, time can't go fast enough. Every day we present the best quotes!

"Driving With Mario Andretti, Who at 76, Still Refuses to Slow Down". Votes: 3 Votes: 2, Slow down and enjoy life. Interview with Sam Smith, Votes: 2, I'm trying to look at many, many things in modern life that I believe are going faster, and I'm trying to look at why they're going faster and what effect they have on us. Live fast quotes show that this attitude is not always the best one to have, because no hesitation may mean that you do not consider the consequences fully before you act.

Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse. But you know that old thing, live fast, die young? All we do is order in, and what we're going to eat is hotly debated.

Votes: 5 My Pa always said, Live fast, die laughing, thats the way to do it. The more experiments you make the better. There is a mistake in the text of this quote. We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. But that's ok, because you can't afford it anyway. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Explore 1000 Fast Quotes by authors including John F. Kennedy, Langston Hughes, and Muhammad Ali at BrainyQuote.

Votes: 2, In a world and a life that moves so fast, photography just makes the sound go out and it makes you stop and take a pause. Don't compare your life to others. I didn't know in what capacity, but I knew that I had found someone who was going to be close to me for a long time. I'm going through life's cycles at an alarmingly fast pace, but my persona has a Peter Pan quality: he doesn't age.

People see me, and they see the suit, and they go: "you're not fooling anyone", they know I'm rock and roll through and through.

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