Contractions can happen in the abdomen area as well as the back or even hips. During the crowning stage of pushing there can be a lot of stretching and burning.

C-section parents do have a lower risk of incontinence because the baby does not pass through the vaginal canal. In addition to labor pains and discomforts, after birth, the uterus continues to contract back down to its normal size. The benefit of a natural birth is that you are able to feel the baby coming down and can control the way the baby comes out. Going unmedicated and having a natural birth must be a personal decision. One of our favorite childbirth education courses is Hypnobirthing. I felt so empowered and almost “high” on life. Natural childbirth, also known as un-medicated birth, has many hidden benefits that more women of childbearing age should be aware of.

Childbirth is no walk in the park — unmedicated or medicated. As mentioned above, labor takes a great deal of preparation and coping. As a birth doula of 5 years, I have served over 200 couples with expertise in VBAC. 8 ways natural birth is usually safest and healthiest for baby 1.

Deciding whether or not to have an undedicated birth is totally up to you. When you choose to go natural, it is highly recommended that you prepare before going into it. Knowing your options and …
If you opt for a scheduled cesarean, you can also plan to make it a gentle, family-centered c-section — it doesn’t have to be traumatic or stressful. We want to break it down to help you decide if natural childbirth or going unmedicated is the right choice for you.

The benefits and cons of going natural in birth are still contested by health professionals and experts.
Hello! When you are in labor and going unmedicated, you really work hard with both yourself and your baby, creating a deep bond and empowering experience when they arrive. The thought of feeling pain during birth is not desired by everyone, and that is totally okay. Understanding a Doula’s Role in Childbirth.

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A natural birth does not suit everybody, so … When there is no medication in place these pains are felt 100% while they are happening. Childbirth can also include a lot of unknowns that can bring unexpected procedures and interventions. Make an informed decision based upon the facts. They are getting big bear hugs from the uterus every 3-5 minutes in the end, lasting a full minute and sometimes more. Baby gets huge benefits when delivered by natural birth. For example, at a birth I attended as a doula, a birthing parent was contracting quite regularly. My name is Meagan Heaton. Most people, when they say natural birth, mean unmedicated. It’s important to recognize that birth doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes natural vaginal delivery is not possible. Our bodies work hard to get these sweet babies here.

Now, let’s dive into what natural birth looks like, and the benefits for both the birthing parent and the baby, so you can make an informed decision. Many parents report seeing a difference in their newborns after experiencing both natural and medicated births.

Labor comes with uterine contractions that can happen every 2-5 minutes in the end, lasting up to 60-90 seconds.

Recovery from an epidural also has risks of spinal headaches, shaking more than you would after an unmedicated birth, and even itching as the medicine exits the body. However, even if you’ve had a previous c-section, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for a successful VBAC. VBAC vs Repeat C-Section: Which is Right for You? 1. Before we get into the benefits of a natural birth, as with anything in life, there are also risks. For example, although it is rare, if the placenta does not detach, the provider may have to go internally to help it come out. The pain and discomfort that natural childbirth can bring can leave us feeling traumatized, especially if labor was quick, and an unmedicated birth was not planned or desired. Just like labor is hard on us, it is hard on our babies. Learn what a doula can do to help you get the most benefits of a natural birth experience, or check out these tips on putting together your VBAC birth plan. However, babies who are born with an epidural in place may have extra stress, causing heart rates to drop. An epidural can help people feel more present during labor. When the body is laboring naturally, there typically is little need for other interventions, such as Pitocin, or extra monitoring.

However, there are many benefits to a natural birth.

There are many benefits that natural childbirth brings to the birthing parent, and I also want to talk about some benefits for these sweet babies of ours. According to the National Association for Continence, up to 63% of birthing people with bladder stress incontinence say it began during or after pregnancy. When you are going natural, you are free to move about as needed. Techniques during delivery, like using small grunts as you push, can help prevent tearing and pelvic floor damage. Benefits of a Doula for Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond, What is a Doula? Becoming a Dad? If the birthing parent is unable to have a vaginal birth, whether it be unmedicated or medicated, it is encouraged to look into vaginal seeding. As your baby passes through your birth canal, it ingests bacteria that contributes to its gut health and boosts its immune system.

Your baby will receive beneficial bacteria. Here are 5 huge benefits to your baby of going through the natural process of labour and childbirth: Natural Birth Benefit #1: Helping Baby to Breathe

Sometimes, you will hear people refer to natural birth, and they really mean vaginal birth. Benefits of a natural birth for babies. The risks however, are very minimal for most healthy low-risk pregnancies. Since then, the idea of going unmedicated and having a natural birth has become more and more popular. Increased protective bacteria

As Co-founder of The VBAC Link, I felt a burning passion for extending my knowledge further than just my local community.

However, while it isn’t currently the most common way to give birth in the states, there are benefits to natural birth. Natural childbirth improves healthy gut flora.

Feeling these things can leave trauma because it can be intense.

Birthing parents who have received many interventions such as epidural, fentanyl, and extra fluids may have sleepier babies than those who go unmedicated. 2. If it’s something you want to try, it’s a commitment you should make as you plan for your birth. Natural child birth can be a beautiful experience. If you want to try a natural birth after a previous cesarean, we have a VBAC course you can take online, to help you prepare. It is important to be able to look back at your labor experience with a positive view. 10. What are the benefits of having a natural birth, and what does that mean? C-section babies are less likely to have this happen, leaving it harder for them to transition after birth. I personally felt a deep connection to my VBA2C baby after 42 hours of labor. After walking around the block for fifteen minutes, the contractions picked up in intensity and duration, bringing the baby just a few short hours later.

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