Monday 26 Because of this trading, they were also able to procure arms so the fighting wasn’t a lopsided technologically. July Forget the stereotypes - this is a band who’s sound is tearing down the barriers of commercial mediocrity! Instantly becoming New Zealands premier Horror Punk band! Zines, I’m less knowledgeable about. There are others but that’s just a quick list of the top of my head. Continuing confirms your acceptance of our terms of service. Here’s an interview with him about history and present of New Zealand’s punk scene I originally did with him about an year ago for the Czech hardcore punk zine Cerelitida. We’ve been chopping down trees, overfishing, sickening the land and waterways with poisons and farm run-off for decades and decades. / Punk, Sat 14 Nov 9:00pm The most political record of the season is here!

Wednesday 28 They have so much attitude in such a pure way every time I see them play its such a beautiful thing. With another blistering EP What Did You Expect under their belts and an Australian tour in their sights in January 2016, these gents are bound to bring some sizzle to your Summer. Plush AZ is a ALT Rock band which covers… Read More, Sun 25 Oct 8:00pm Darkroom, Christchurch .

In Jan 2000 members of New Zealand Punk/Metal bands Nefarious, Valhalla Crossroads, 1080 and Horror Business stitched together their ultimate Rock n Roll Monster! (Preorder Now), A World Divided Tapes: The Home of Mediterranean Underground Punk, 20 Disbanded European Hardcore Acts to Uplift Your Spirits, 10 Inspiring Political Albums We Listened to in 2019. Current day see’s the brothers teaming up with Jamie Douglass on bass guitar. Please help to keep us afloat! They called it Horror Story.Instantly becoming New Zealands premier Horror Punk band! Thursday 29 Punk Events in New Zealand. Labels are Limbless Music and Zero Style Tapes in Wellington. I live in a small bubble where all my flatmates and a few of my friends are vegan/vege. Nekrotika drummer Craig Psycho stepped in, recording Demos with the band the same day that Plague left! I read zines from the 80s and heaps of the punk ones have articles about animal rights or anti-vivisection, info on groups and planned actions. I’d been playing in a thrashcore band called Shortlived with Sarsha-Leigh Douglas (bass) and I knew Ben from his d-beat band in Auckland. This happened in a bunch of different genres in NZ with bands like The Clean, Split Enz etc. / Punk, Guns of Brixton play the Brilliant tunes of the Clash. The (International) DIY Conspiracy - The (International) DIY Conspiracy, Support BLM Seattle Freedom Fund: Wake of Humanity Test Press Raffle, Exclusive Stream: Absolut – A Farewell to Хвойная Вязь. Due to illness he was replaced by Jackal Mayhem (Drummer in H.S.

Friday 30 Eight years and hundreds of live shows later; the band are as resilient as ever - having survived multiple line-up changes, coming out humbled, with a fierce determination and without ever losing their vision, their integrity, or more importantly - their core-songwriters… Power Alone: Rather Be Alone. During this time the face-painted fiends infiltrated NZ televisions Space and XSTV including both programs Best of 2003 shows! Von Toxic (guitar) We rely on your support. Jamie Rabble (bass, vocals). With special…, Award-winning comic Raybon Kan tours NZ with his stand-up show. There aren’t that many bands that end up doing vinyl because it costs so much. Live at your place. Valhalla bar is a huge supporter of underground music in Wellington. Bands like The Suburban Reptiles, The Scavengers, The Masochists and Junk. In 1960 the All Blacks toured South Africa and didn’t select any Māori players, essentially to comply with those racist laws. 2020 So these days it is a little like two worlds meeting occasionally but there is a tiny bit of overlap. There is but not many punks. On my first birthday, protesters actually shut down a friendly match in Hamilton and apparently Nelson Mandela heard about it from his jail cell and said something like “It felt like the sun had come out!” Also, a mother of a friend of mine—who was pregnant with him at the time—was kicked in the stomach while protesting by none other than future Auckland mayor and politician, John Banks (who also called Nelson Mandela a terrorist). Late 2005 saw the band win a world-wide online Battle of the Bands, and a tour of the U.S.A was the prize, unfortunately the organizer didn't think a band from New Zealand would win, and decided to cancel the whole thing and pack up his booking agency of 13 years. Bio “Musically, this New Zealand trio has talent coming out of every pore and have truly perfected their craft.” - MutinyZine “…A sound that is the band’s own and it’s a formidable, tumultuous, pulsating Punk Rock beat that’s as addictive as it is enjoyable!” After this Craig Psycho left to front his own band Shut The Hell Up!

There are a lot of opinions to do with this to be honest. Neil would be horrified with the current state of privacy and the monitored society. and I’d love to tour India and Sri Lanka too! Palmerston North is such a weird place and my favourite New Zealand band of all time are from there (The Skeptics). I haven’t actually been down South for a while and am a bit clueless on the scenes currently to be honest. Then we still use them. November It boggles my mind that not more punks are vegan or at least vege! October Real good bands here sometimes don’t realize how many shitty bands tour and that it’s so easy. October is always a good month to come to NZ for punk shows FYI. For Halloween 2002 the band (complete with new rhythm section) recorded 10 new songs and re-recorded 10 songs from Monsterpiece. So maybe South America? Find out more.Find out more about Eventfinda Ticketing. Having said that, there will always be groups that seek to further the cause of peace and environmental justice and indigenous rights. December 48May; B. Bleeders (band) D. Die! The style of music they make and play is very much in the romantic, soft, tear-jerking, yet motivational vein, which on paper sounds a little bit naff, but resonates with a massive demographic. To celebrate, the album was given away as a download on as well as the usual CD release. There is no doubt NZ is hypocritical and totally fake when it comes to the NZ brand put forth for tourist purposes. April So add shipping to that and you don’t get many people overseas buying NZ vinyl either. We have a deal with Deadly distribution in Germany & are talking with a label about doing vinyl. They are all and none of the parts of so many of my favourite bands. They play all sorts of shows, definitely sometimes punks shows!

He even traveled 10,000 Km to play live! In the 14 years I’ve lived here that is pretty much still the same in punk, but the activist scene—especially animal rights—seem to be more active in Auckland now. These guys are like 16 so it is really refreshing for me!!! Sunday 25 Haha. I love the song ‘Subversive Element’, one of the quintessential NZ protest punk songs in my opinion. Fonterra, NZ’s dairy producing conglomerate is ubiquitous here. The albums werewolf sing-along 13 Moons also featured on Auckland label Puppykiller Records - Pick of the Litter compilation.

Plenty of time to complete your purchase. Sell more tickets faster with Eventfinda. With an onslaught of soulful Punk Rock, they paint a picture of spirit in the face of adversity - with tales of life, death, love and hate. They were also censored from television which they ended up protesting by playing outside the then TV station. 2020

I fell in love with Opposite Sex when I first saw them in Gisborne at I think their first show. (note: it has already happened in 2018!). November Unfortunately, because of the 2007 NZ terror raids the climate for activists of all types became rather toxic. But I’m so happy I got to see them as much as I did. In Jan 2000 members of New Zealand Punk/Metal bands Nefarious, Valhalla Crossroads, 1080 and Horror Business stitched together their ultimate Rock n Roll Monster!

They are also running the Skirted Records, am I right? Alastair Galbraith. So needless to say, I’m going to be super broad and also having not been around in the formative years, I’m going off just what others have said. New Zealand bands play Aussie more than anywhere else due to it’s proximity, the relatively cheap flights and a shit tonne of kiwis there. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Then in 2017 fan/friend Chory Von Creeper convinced the band to make a new album, this became 2019's Return of The Strange album which featured Von Creeper on drums. There is bloody milk powder in everything. side band Cyclotrode X) who played on 2012 opus to death This Graveyard Earth bringing back a mostly punk feel with heavy grooves and slick production. Find out more. Rupert Rabble (vocals, drums) … We don’t have any pressing plants in NZ and shipping vinyl from overseas is brutal.
I have a couple of other bands on the go that haven’t played shows yet as well. The far-right is viewed as somewhat a joke in NZ, though which is slightly reassuring. This band screams isolation and everything I love about what is special about New Zealand bands. Stefan X (bass) Die! August I do a zine called Always Never Fun and it’s usually the only regular punk zine at zinefest every year. Just have to sort this venue situation.

August Miss June are gonna be a band which the kids are gonna talk about changing their lives.
The first rock'n'roll hit by a New Zealander was Johnny Devlin's hit "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", which sold 100,000 copies in 1959–60.

October Well, New Zealand’s two native dolphin species are currently at unsustainable population levels primarily because of net overfishing and an unwillingness of the government to enact proper protection measures. Bio. I also run Always Never Fun records and do a zine with my friend Big Bird by the same name.

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