Authentic, time-honored glassware from birthplace of the true Old-Fashioned Cocktail. The Pendennis Club, a new formed (and prestigious) gentleman’s club of the time, was a hangout for men to escape their wives and enjoy a few cold ones. New to the Old-Fashioned…or need a reference for the unexperienced chain-restaurant bartender? Prohibition did not hinder the enjoyment by some of the Club's members of their libations. It’s now the official cocktail of Louisville. A third possible candidate is identified in the 1969 edition of George Leonard Harter's Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices as Thomas Louis Whitcomb, who it says invented the cocktail at the Club in 1889. The cocktail gained popularity amongst members and invited guests alike.

No records have, however, been found documenting this individual's existence much less association with the Club at the time. Whiskey Cocktail Basics: the Old-Fashioned. Various celebrities and royalty have been guests at the Club for these events, including at its very popular Post Derby Party on the night of the race. Today, the Club's walnut-paneled billiard room with teak wood floor is one of the few surviving grand billiard rooms in the United States still in use for its original purpose.

In 1895, George J. Kappeler, another individual with no known Kentucky ties, published Modern American Drinks containing, on the same page, not only a recipe for the "Whiskey Cocktail" but also one for the "Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail."

it could not have been long before the members noticed his dignity, his perfect manners, and his remarkable memory for names. He sold the recipe to the Club, and the Club holds the trademark to it.

As for the identity of the "bartender" who created this drink, there are at least three possibilities. Levi Bloom stated that the Club "grew like topsy," and many of Louisville's leading citizens joined from the start. The racquet sport of Squash was first introduced in Louisville at the Pendennis Club in 1930, when the first of two handball courts was converted to Squash. Step 3: Fill the glass with ice cubes and add whiskey. Muddle with the optional addition of a splash of club soda to the bottom of the glass. Numerous Club events have long accompanied the annual running of the Kentucky Derby.

That was not the only notable event in the Club's ballroom as it was the setting for the "Belmont Ball" scene in the 2010 Disney movie Secretariat on October 9, 2009. We just sent you an email.

The Pendennis Club constructed its current clubhouse, about a block east from the location of the original, in 1927-1928. Add Bourbon, stir again. According to Levi Bloom, President Taft, who was a native of Cincinnati, "felt more at home and would rather come to the Pendennis Club than any other in the country." While there, he published The Ideal Bartender in 1917 with an Old Fashioned recipe that does call for the use of bourbon. Club member and Park Commissioner Andrew Cowan was instrumental in making this project a reality. Any Old-Fashioned Fans out there? The Pendennis Club has long been regarded as the preeminent social club in Kentucky and one of the premier clubs in the United States. One or more bartenders at the Pendennis Club have undisputedly created several other libations. Architect Frederick L. Morgan contributed all the designs for the exterior and interior additions and renovations. It has long been claimed that the Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail was invented at the Pendennis Club. Thick, heavy base glass well-suited to drinks that require muddling in the glass. Some have disputed this claim noting that the term "old fashioned" was in use for cocktails before the Club was founded. On that same day, the Southern Exposition was also opened in Louisville by U.S. President Chester A. Arthur.

Magnum PI & the Rise of the Perverted Irishmen. The Old-Fashioned claims roots dating back to the 1880’s in Louisville, Kentucky. An interesting photograph of the Club's magnificent walnut-paneled library was featured in the March 27, 1948 edition of New Yorker Magazine showing the room with its commodious library tables, its generously proportioned red leather chairs and sofas, and shelves of classic books rising up to the plaster-work ceiling: the room looks very much the same today and has changed little in the more than seven decades since this publication.

That same year, Alexander Lewis composed the Pendennis 2-Step.

It opened to the members on December 11, 1928. The Pendennis Club is a private social club located at 218 West Muhammad Ali Blvd. In 1883, the Club purchased its first permanent home–the residence of William Burke Belknap (1811-1889), founder of Belknap Hardware & Mfg. He was a graduate of West Point, a Union veteran of the Civil War, and later served as Clerk of the United States Supreme Court. The Original "Pendennis Club" Old-Fashioned Glass (Gift Box Set of 4) Set of 4 stackable Old-Fashioned glasses, as served at the historic Pendennis Club. It was a later tradition that Henry knew every man and woman in "Louisville society," and that he was familiar with their pedigrees as well. The Club's first president Maj. John Montgomery Wright (1841-1915) was elected at the latter meeting.

Later that year, he participated in the Olympics and turned professional.

Louisville’s doubled down on it stake for the Old- Fashioned. Make me a cocktail the old-fashioned way!

The building remains one of the finest clubhouses in the United States and not only includes a large variety of Georgian architectural details but also includes two rooms with the famed French woodblock printed wallpaper by Zuber & Cie.

Arthur Pendennis's crest, which was described but not depicted in this novel, and the motto nec tenui penna (meaning "with unfailing wings") were adopted for the club as well. Add the sugar cube to your serving glass (double or single old fashioned glass) and then add the Angostura bitters. Periodically since at least 1941, the Pendennis Club has hosted a stag boxing night–with a boxing ring set up in the Club's grand Georgian ballroom. A reputed nephew of Henry Bain, Roland Hayes (1887-1977), made his 1910 debut at the Club as a classical lyric tenor. In a 2015 article in Saveur, bartender Toby Cecchini described that "the Pendennis Club Cocktail has a mesmerizing balance of flavors: sweet, tart, and packed with spice and strength all at the same time."

One agent commented: "I never saw so many kinds of drinks in my life.". This term's use as an adjective, though, is completely distinguishable from the specific drink of this name traditionally created by a bartender at the Club. Add orange and cherry and muddle again.

By year's end, the crest had been rendered and was placed on bottles of Kentucky Bourbon sold to the Club's members. He retired in 1924 and died just months before the opening of the new clubhouse in 1928, in which he was to have played a major part. Other U.S. Presidents who have visited the Club include Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

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