Her justification was, Sultana meant “wife or mistress of a Sultan (ruler).” And she proudly proclaimed she be addressed as “Sultan”, as she herself was second to none. She was very brave, a good administrator and skilled. She became the subject of many famous legends. Zakaria speculates that the queen may have been too preoccupied with the affairs of state or may have been psychologically blocked—possibly from her upbringing—to have given sway to her emotions. This helped to strengthen the empire. Razia’s accession to throne was against the Islamic tradition, but ulema and Muslim nobles did not show their disapproval.

Soon, they fell in love and got married. Razia Sultan a very bold and young woman. Her father’s name was Shams-ud-din Iltutmish while her mother was the daughter of Qutb-ud-din. Miss India Wheelchair Priya Bhargava All Set to Compete at Miss Wheelchair World! The Slave dynasty would come to an end some fifty years after the death of Razia.

Renowned as the first Muslim female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, Razia Sultan ruled Delhi from 1236 to 1240.

But both husband and wife were defeated while trying to seize Delhi. Turkish nobles were also angry with her as she started giving non-turkish officer governorship of important provinces. They soon found Shah Turkan and killed her.
Razia wouldn’t bat a lash before giving her opinion or assisting her father actively in the affairs of State. She was the first woman who got the title of Sultan. Razia was the eldest daughter of Iltutmish, and probably his first-born child. A shrewd politician, Razia managed to keep the nobles in check, while enlisting the support of the army and the populace. Under other dynasties, however, the Delhi sultanate would persist until 1525, achieving its maximum physical extent under the reign of Muhammad ibn Tughluk in the first half of the fourteenth century, when most of the subcontinent was under the sultan's dominion.

and Razia Sultana (1205–1240), Sultan of Delhi; Razia Sultana (politician), Indian politician Razia Sultana (lawyer), Bangladeshi lawyer Raziya Sultan, a 1983 Hindi film; Razia Sultan aired in India since 2015 This led to a battle between Aram Shah and Iltutmish on the plain of Bagh-i-Jud near Delhi, where Iltutmish defeated Aram to ascend the throne in 1211. Thus died, the first and last woman Sultan of Delhi, at the young age of 35. Ruknuddin's reign was short. So will Turkan play another card to kill Razia? Some of the local residents have turned the tomb into a place of worship, where prayers are conducted five times each day. She defeated governor of Lahore, captured him and imprisoned him. It was not easy for her to get the throne as her brother had taken over the throne after the father’s death. Everyone was impressed and happy by Razia’s hard work, ability, merit recognition and love of justice. Hindu works in the sciences, philosophy, astronomy, and literature were reportedly studied in schools and colleges. Razia Sultan is a period drama serial which aired from Monday to Friday evenings on &TV[1] from 6 March 2015.

Razia was shrewd tactician and moved her small army outside Delhi to fight rebels. It is TV3's first Hindi drama. Her father’s name was Shams-ud-din Iltutmish while her mother was the daughter of Qutb-ud-din. The work's author, Minhajus Seraj, served Iltutmish, Razia, and Balban. When she got the throne, she took her name as Jalalat ud-Din Raziya.

Stay hooked to Tellychakkar.com for more updates. But did you ever think that she can be cruel to the extent of being devil personified? It was historically important for her when she got the throne because the previous generations of her family, that is, her ancestors were not nobility. According to some accounts, Razia and Yaqut were lovers; other sources simply identify them as close confidants. Iltutmish was a person who had free thinking and was also an efficient ruler. Revealed: Rukhsar Begum's MURDERER in &TV's Razia Sultan, Razia to be heart-broken with close friend Chanda's death in &TV's Razia Sultan, Yaldoz throws in a condition at Razia to stop the Nasir- Iltutmish war in &TV's Razia Sultan, Shah Turkan to plot conspiracy in &TV's Razia Sultan, Siddarth Shukla shares his experiences of shooting for his debut serial. Razia organised a strong army and launched attack on Lahore.

This is why he decided to make Razia his successor. At the time of Iltutmish's death in 1236, he had been in power for 26 years. Although Minhaj's history of the times is considered to be among the most reliable sources of information about Razia, Mihaj spent the last years of his life in the service of Balban, who had brought an end to Razia's rule.

Born to Sultan Iltutmish and Qutub Begum, Razia’s family did not belong to the class of nobles.

The murder scene is said to be one of the most touching ones in the show so far. She led the army during the battles and brought many new territories under their empire. Some powerful Turkish nobles considered below their dignity to serve a woman. Today Razia's unpretentious tomb lies among the narrow lanes of Old Delhi in Northern India.

Her father had come to Delhi as a slave working under Qutb-ud-din. Being a Sultan, against the custom, she showed her face in the public and rode like that on the elephant while fighting in the battles when she was the chief of the army. Meanwhile, Razia's brother, Muiuddin Bahram Shah, had usurped the throne. Born to Iltutmish and Qutub Begum in 1205, Razia was trained in professional warfare and was taught military skills, along with her siblings. After Altunia and Razia undertook to take back the sultanate from Bahram through battle, both Razia and her husband—neither one more than 30 years of age—were both killed on October 14, 1240 (some sources say October Amar Chita Katha is an Indian comic book series which is a reputed one. Razia ceased the opportunity and gave rousing speech in mosque after friday prayers against Ruknuddin and Shah Turkan. They were captured on the battlefield. Many supporter of Razia and Altunia lost courage and deserted them. Razia Sultan was the first Muslim female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. The syllabus in schools and colleges included the Qur’an, the works of popular ancient philosophers, the traditions of Muhammad and various Hindu works in science, philosophy, astronomy, and literature.

Their leader was Malik Ikhtiar-ud-din Aitigin who was earlier the governor of Badaun. Razia has her own title in this comic book. She also took many steps to boost the sovereign’s status. When she took over the throne on 10 November 1236, with the official name of Jalâlat-ud-Dîn Raziyâ, she made a conscious decision to give up her traditional Muslim woman attire, including the pardah, which invited the fury of conservative Muslims. There is no record that she made any attempt to remain aloof from her subjects, rather it appears she preferred to mingle among them. Despite having been nominated by her father, Razia wasn’t supported by the court of nobles, who refused to be ruled by a woman. She had genuine care for her subjects.

She also followed the policy of divide and rule by starting negotiation with two of Rebel and starting false rumors and rest of the two.

But in 1398, Timur the Lame (Tamurlane) plundered Delhi. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Iltutmish became the first sultan to appoint a woman as his successor when he designated his daughter Razia as his heir apparent. Ascension to the throne One such noble was Malik Ikhtiar-ud-din Altunia, the then governor of Bhatinda, who conspired against Razia. Following his death in 1287, the Slave dynasty would continue three more years under the competing rule of his inept grandsons. Due to Ruknuddin incompetency, governor of Lahore, Hansi, Badaun and Multan started rebellion. Razia: Queen of India was a historical fiction which was written on Razia’s life by Rafiq Zakaria.

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