When the police investigated, they found a short-range transmitter connected to several cameras hidden throughout their home.

One at my feet. I half expected it was just a kind stranger wanting to give me a ride, but I wasn’t about to take any rides from anybody.

I don’t know what the fuck happened that night. “When my grandmother’s second husband was in his death throes, he had a habit of knocking on the bedroom wall to get her attention, since he didn’t have the strength to shout.

When we asked for your spookiest scary stories, we knew we'd get some freaky stuff. While there, you might just hear the voice of Slag telling his employees to "get back to work" along with other paranormal occurrences.
In my dream, I was in my bed doing something on my laptop. “I used to live next to a senile old woman who would knock on my door late at night crying and saying there was somebody in her roof. It was not distinguishable as a person - it more resembled a person-sized version of a colourful nebula you might see a picture of in a science magazine. They left. My room had two doors, one that opened out to a kind of rumpus room, and one to an ensuite. We figured other people were there so we followed the sound.

Doors flying open and shut, voices, footsteps.

When I came back and developed my film, there were 3 extra pictures that I didn't take... of me... sleeping.

There were many thing I remember happening, but the one that freaked me out was when my sister’s said that whenever they tried to look for me, they always found me in my mom and dads closet with the door closed. A few months later, gray skirt and black sweater. That is the part that terrifies me.” — DimitrisPla, “I was waiting at my Nan’s house alone for a couple of hours and it was all fine and dandy. I wake up to my mom sitting straight up in the tent. “Oh.

Their grip on my arms were like iron. At some point I decided to go into the downstairs closet with a flashlight and read, something I used to do when I was younger to get some peace and quiet.

I worked in residence halls a number of years as a professional and something about all the pieces of this puzzle weren’t adding up; family concerned about his health and safety, electronics running (someone must have started them recently, within the time frame of a movie run-time), summer school students and their idiosyncratic behavior, something wasn’t right. This story comes from Reddit user MynamesnotChase: I saw a dead solders ghost in my barracks room before I deployed. After this she seemed to grow out of it, and forgot all about it and to my parents relief, dismissed it as an imaginary friend. It doesn’t seem like much from how it reads, but I’ll never forget how tense that interaction was for me. Do you see it?

Our streets make two circles.

Around noon. Sorry!” Turns out, her American stepfather was still in the building.” — MotleyBru, “At our old house the clock on my nightstand always jumped ahead by five minute increments every few days. That's when we see blood OOZING out of the refrigerator's water dispenser.


I can still hear it. The Clown Statue. The woman was losing it so one of the husbands (huge bear of a man) across the road from her texted her to say he was coming over to "invite her over". Fast forward 2 years, my mom gets another, brand new alarm clock for my room (also when I was 17). So, old lady used to call in often.

What better time to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year other than 12 am on a chilly night? No buts, and if needed they could sell in up to 5% below market as long as the shares are sold quickly. He didn’t respond at all when called out to him. My mother doesn’t live with me nor has a key to my house. Before the age of computer cell phones this was a pretty long, boring hike to take so I decided to take a short cut through some small wooded trail along the creek.

Tires squeal, rubber is burned.

That is the day I started drinking heavily.” — meandrunkR2D2, “When I was 12 my cat went missing in the summer. The kind of vacuous hideousness of a fly buzzing against a closed window for hours on end in an empty room? My husband works 7-6 and BIL works offshore for 14 days.

Thousands of people around the world have been sharing their most terrifying real-life horror stories on Reddit. They lived in a rural community of Maine and one morning she woke up before everyone else and decided to go for a run.

I threw the broom, screamed as loud as I could, and ran to the bar. “A few years ago I was walking through the woods off the beaten track a bit and I smelt this really overpowering sweet smell. He had been watching them for years.” – matlaz423. I woke a few times late to see her alert and staring at the door to the rumpus room. (See the original post for an appendix and some theories!

That meant no school buses obviously so I would just walk the 3 miles home. It had filled up the spill container and was leaking onto the floor and had made a puddle. Everything was fine for a while, but they started to hear this weird chirping noise. She no longer does this after we moved.” – roundeyeddog. I never mentioned it to anyone... UNTIL one night I was sleeping over at my brother's place (I was about eighteen, he was twenty-two) and we were talking about "spooky" stories. About thirty minutes later, I hear the muted voice of a little girl with a heavy British accent saying “mommy, I think he’s in this one.” (note: I live in the American south, so there is no good reason for a British child to be there) Almost shit my pants as the door cracked ever so slightly, until a real live little girl popped her head in and says “nope, wrong one.

Not bad, just odd, like my normal thoughts and feelings had been turned down low, like on a dial. The minute we got on the property, my friend seemed uncomfortable. I know for a fact it was a mental illness, but just knowing that I had somehow “commanded” him to go kill his aunt stays with me to this day.” — catgotcha, “My great aunt lived way out in the boonies by an old southern prison. I thought this seemed weird cause there’s only about 30-40 houses on the road. I could hear one of the physical therapists talking to a patient in one of the rooms, but no one else was in the hallway. Where the bed pushes in and there is a warmth in your back? This was in the dead of winter, in February, and all the grass on the hills and plains around the town was dead and brown. He hadn’t shown up for 2 days and I’d been roaming around the fields looking for him. I once went into a basement that I still have nightmares about. I remember we reached the little summit and I simply sank to the ground next to the pile of rocks. so I would use the laptop to write music. Somewhere along the way, a voice at the top of the stairs started to whisper to me.

The guy didn’t sound mad but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. The phone line had been cut.

I sometimes felt an eerie presence in the house, and at one point heard a disembodied voice call me by name in the middle of the day.

Not long after he died, my grandmother told me that she was sitting at the dining room table alone one morning as they used to together, quietly drinking her coffee, when suddenly she heard the knocking on the wall again.

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After she stopped crying she told me that she woke up and saw a dark shadow just centimeters from her face and that’s when she screamed.

I jumped when the attendant flipped off the light.

I spun to see a male flight attendant grinning down at me, tears pinging off his cheeks onto my shoulder. I wasn't scared, and I didn't feel angry or any strong emotion. So, who was this “God” that told him to go kill her? While my mom’s date was in the restroom, the waiter approached her and asking her if she was okay.

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In the morning I went downstairs for breakfast and saw a frame on the wall containing some photographs and a story about how the hotel was converted to a military hospital during World War I. I did not know anything about this before I arrived and before that night. Redditor WybieLovat shared this story to warn people about their childhood toys: When I was around 16 my rapidly growing family finally moved from the house I had spent my entire life in. My brother in law was working the graveyard shift at his job as my sister stayed home taking care of my nephew. My bedroom had a large fireplace that had been boarded up and painted over.

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