I am really disappointed with this book. There are no comments for this title yet. Reader’s note: This is a prime example of being prepared for the moment in order to become “lucky”. He uses it to push himself harder and not waste a second. "Joe was out of there.". For example-opening the book at Jellybean's arrest and trial for running from the cops and having cocaine, in a car with a woman who is not his wife was really evo. This book did not care about his life much, only what affected his basketball life.

Once you have that, then everything else is cool. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I love that this book really opens up Kobe’s mindset.
Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant does a great job of going deeper into Kobe’s life and family around him that impacted the way he approached basketball and life in general. He found out firsthand that it truly is lonely at the top. I have been fascinated by Kobe's life since he wrote his retirement letter in a poem, "Dear Basketball", and reveled in that fascination in this book. Joe Bryant seemed perfectly willing to risk not just his son's future but his own as well. I've read many biographies in my day, and especially about sports figures, and this one tops being the worse of them all.

Just like with Michael Jordan, Roland Lazenby delivered incredibly rich view into the life and personality of one of the best athletes, Kobe Bryant. Earlier by chance; later by appointment His effort to secure Bryant's talent for Adidas was "my most clandestine thing," Vaccaro admitted. Therefore, reading/listening to this book was definitely long overdue. I was really surprised Lazenby didn't spend more time asserting a case for Kobe's NBA legacy. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. But then the years of his NBA career are chronological and detail all the ups and downs of the season, interspersed with the personal problems Kobe had. Kobe Bryant, American professional basketball player who helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to five championships (2000–02 and 2009–10). But there was a point during Lower Merion's season when Bryant actually did experience considerable doubt about the decision to turn pro. This is an excellent book. This book was a very well researched book. Vaccaro went to work for Adidas and chose the strategy of moving into youth basketball to gain a market advantage. "We never wanted Joe and Pam to think that we were overstepping our boundary," Charles explained. Although Vaccaro and Charles knew that Pam and Kobe would be the ultimate decision makers in the deal, they took care to conduct all communications through the father. We’d love your help. Your small donation will help me with the costs to maintain my website. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said that at least stylistically, Winter, who had coached Jordan for more than a decade, said he never saw Jordan go off on such a scoring spree, It’s arguable that Jordan’s team was stronger than Kobe’s at the time, He wasn’t just a better athlete, he was a better basketball player mentally and physically, He spoke to his teammates in the only way he knew, Bryant’s Olympic experience would allow him to heavily influence a generation of players, In the weight room, he set the tone for a lot of players, There’s no doubt that he made a major contribution to USA basketball, At this point of rebuilding the Lakers team, Kobe rebranded himself as the “Black Mamba” and changed his number to 24 as a new chapter in his career, Compared to Chamberlains 7-game streak, Kobe was against tough competition and a stronger defense of players, With his size, Chamberlain just outmanned most of the centers in his day, Kobe was an average size guy, and for him to go off on a scoring spree is remarkable, Gasol came at the perfect moment when they needed him with the right skill sets and the right personality, During that season, Jordan defended Kobe and commented how he was a, Jordan acknowledged that people play because of the people that came before them and who they learn from, Jordan admitted to being fascinated by Bryant’s career as he played in the same positions with the same triangle offense with Jackson and Winter, Dwyane Wade remembers during training for the 2008 Olympics when he came in early for practice one morning and saw Brian was already done with his second workout, During the Olympics season, Bryant showed his ability to be a, Bryant praised Gasol for his versatility and skill in the fundamentals, Game 7 of their repeat championships was going to be a huge impact for Kobe’s legacy, Kobe became the youngest player in NBA history to rack up, Kobe was also going through a lot that he longed for companionship, Another coach said that from all the years working with Kobe, that despite all of his ambition and drive, he found, The two were the priority for which he would skip a workout, It seemed like he started to learn that there were more important things to be won than titles and glory, The team miraculously came together despite lacking chemistry and health all due to Kobe’s, In the game against Golden State at Staples Center, he, While most people would have to be carted off, Kobe displayed an believable show of will despite pain, Later in his career, Kobe told Shaq that after playing with other centers, he realized that he failed to recognize O’Neil’s greatness, that he regretted his failure had cost them the opportunity to win more championships, Kobe was always happy to let you know that, It had always been his particular mind game, Some saw Bryant as the last Laker of an era, While fighting through his injuries and rehabilitation schedule, he found that he had millions of supporters all over the world locked into his passion and drive, Stepping onto the court in 2014 meant he tied for the most seasons played on a single team, He became one of only four players to get more than 40 points in a game over age 36, On November 30 against Toronto 2014, he reached 6000 assists in his career, He was now the only player in NBA history to compile better than, In Minnesota on December 14, 2014, in the second quarter, Bryant hit a free throw for the, In regards to reconciling with Vanessa, “, His last season was largely a farewell tour with everyone showering him with love, His last farewell game in April against Utah jazz was a dream.
Although the biography is not authorized by Bryant himself, Lazenby's interviews with the people closest to Bryant add a great deal of understanding to what made him tick on the court and off. I'm really surprised by the high rating this book was given by goodreads community.

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