Every episode ends with a cliffhanger that leaves me screaming for the next sequence of events. Each case was somehow connected to one of our three detectives in some personal way. characters bravely work larger and larger The Signal drama ended after 16 episodes. Hae-Young and Detective Jae-Han team up to not only solve crimes but prevent them from taking place. It is very entertaining show that also involves missing child and radio transmission. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is a solid WALL and it may take years for another to beat it. Meanwhile, Hae Young finally figures out how and when the radio transmissions come. And the subtle nuances that Jo Jin Woong added to Lee Jae Han’s character is what made him so well-rounded. Signal begins to peel off some layers of mystery to point at the underlying plot regarding Jae Han’s disappearance, all the while maintaining a consistent theme of solving on-going cold cases. Honestly, on my scale, anything I have ever rated 9 or higher would be given a 10 when just looking at the drama on its own. Also eternal is the passing of the guard from honest, determined cops to new cops in the future. An example is how Hae Young managed to smoothly turn the conversation towards Soo Hyun’s single status right after they looked at what could have been Jae Han’s skeletal remains. I think there is a lot to work so that they could continue the story. What the directors and script-writers produced in this drama is what all time-travel-esque shows aspire to do: use this magic realism element to enhance and propel the story, but not as a crutch or convenient plot device. Well, if you want to know the entire ending of this drama, you have go watch it!

( Log Out /  We even get a glimpse of the Police Director in the past and his immediate friction with Jae Han from the moment they meet. It appears to be another typical and boring romantic drama. So I usually give it a small bump down.

I’ve got under 10 dramas that I have given a 10 when putting it on my favorites list. Also the PD sold it for me too . complete with ugly rape cases, murdered children “Signal” was definitely a one of a kind solid gem of a drama, and aside from that, I do believe that the whole trend of cops, prosecutors, and time travel that we saw in 2017 stemmed from this little show. I’ve mentioned before that crime/police procedural type dramas are just usually not my thing. It’s engaging characters and brilliantly layered story with attention to the smallest details really stands out among others. called. Our detective from 1986 assists our profiler living in 2015 to solve cold cases in the future. It's seems like a pattern that many action/crime/thriller Korean dramas follow. The walkie-talkie suddenly makes the sound of the Lee Jae-han’s voice. Then dramas like Signal come along and deserve a 10, but I still don’t like it as much as my top favorites. But she gives me the impression of only being hard on the surface and a big softie on the inside. Please check this one out!! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), “It’s Okay to not be Okay” – Korean Drama Review 22, “He is Psychometric” – Korean Drama Review 20. Change ). His character was genuine and likable with such a strong dedication to finding the truth and helping those around him. I thought it was so cool how we see her growth from past to present. I like the fact that the drama is very fast pace. All his scenes with Kim Hye-soo had so much intensity and chemistry that I was shipping them a lot by the end. Truly a special drama . It’s always hard when you have that golden drama that will always be perfect in your mind.

But no seriously, Lee Jae-han, played by Choi Jin-woong (apparently he’s super famous and acclaimed, I will have to check out his other works! An unexpected connection is made when a two-way radio links the past to the present, adding to the already eerie mystery that surrounds a cold case. SIGNAL is the Drama of My Life! I know that everyone raves about Cho Jin-woong but I absolutely loved Lee Je-hoon in this.

In the following episodes, we could see the more interesting scenes, so make sure you don’t miss it! What makes Signal even more intense is the time sensitivity of its cases. In the past, she effortlessly conveys the sweet innocence of her rookie character. She was that good!!! Jae Han and Soo Hyun were an interesting pair. It’s one of those where I was a little surprised to see that so many other people were unhappy with it. And I totally understand. favorite show of this crime solving genre. ( Log Out /  Required fields are marked *. I know what you mean about Lee Je Hoon! The relationships between our three characters were unique and layered.

Even if you already have the prediction for the ending, when you’re watching the last episode, you might will be really surprised! suspense over Lee Jae Han's disappearance makes The acting bit is where it really did not disappoint. The Story The story is about a police lieutenant Hae-Young played by L ee Je-Hoon who are trying to solve a crime that was committed when he was young boy with help from detective from that time period. The stakes are raised higher than ever and it’s an emotional rollercoaster through and through for both our characters and viewers alike. hahaha….anyways, you’ll get it. Signal isn't science Signal very elegantly intertwined events and characters in each timeline all the way from 1989 to 2015. I think this was the first Korean drama I’ve seen where the female lead was truly on-par with the men as far as strength, capabilities, and mental fortitude are concerned. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Thanks for reading, and happy watching . The petals flower was being the witness of the separation of a couple. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! From the title you can see that the song is about reminiscing, to be exact, about someone who already gone. He helps Hae Young solve the first cold case, which was especially exciting because it was directly related to Hae Young’s childhood and had an unforgiving time limit on it. Signal Korean Drama Review Posted on March 21, 2016 by Kay Signal is a fantasy crime drama about a modern day group of detectives who are able to communicate with a detective in the past using an old two way radio to solve crimes. Can the younger Hae Young warn REVIEWS, I put off watching this But I loved their partnership and the sort of mentor relationship that came with it. When I watched the drama, I didn’t know anything about the drama.

Yes, I’m watching for almost the same reasons you did.

Detective Jae-Han is from the year 2000 and he is investigating the disappearance of Hae-Young’s elementary school classmate. It’s given me some pretty bad drama withdrawals because I miss it so much!

And our final relationship is that of Jae Han and Hae Young. Except for detective Jae-Han from the past, most of the characters have present-self and past-self. HOME TO KOREAN DRAMA But yes, everything about this drama was truly amazing. In the Signal drama, Lee Je-hoon plays Park Hae-young. episodes are ninety minutes long, but the

But as the time goes by, Park Hae-young and Lee Jae-han start to trust each other, and they worked together to solve one of the murder cases, and to reduce the number of victims from the case. I know some people give a subjective and objective rating to address things like that. These two different selves from the different time period can be similar or can be completely different. Some of the suspicions in my head get confirmed here, such as who the bad guys really are. The last episode revealed to us that Park Hae-young’s brother did not die because of suicide, he was killed. It is very interesting to see how each character change from when they are young to the present day. Sign Up to receive email updates of kdrama reviews, casting news, trailers, and more. This case has been hinted at in small doses since the beginning of the drama, and is now finally coming to light with many intricate details and decisions that led to the present we see. To my relief, changing the past brings about a good result in the future this time around. Yes, Signal has an unpredictable ending! Through the walkie-talkie, Park Hae-young can communicate with a detective who was known from the past, Lee Jae-han (played by Cho Jin-woong). An unpredictable ending always makes the audience exasperated, right? “Signal” – Korean Drama Review 21. Lastly, there is new show by Netflix called Stranger Things. Korean Drama Entourage Finalizes Cast With Lee Kwang Soo, Seo Kang Joon, Park Jung Min, and Lee Dong Hwi, Korean Drama Update for March 2016 | Kdrama Kisses, Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon to Star in Korean Drama Tomorrow With You | Kdrama Kisses, What Kdramas Should You Watch? the bad guys "win". Heart-pounding and intense, tvN’s newest crime thriller Signal pulls out all the stops in its premiere, and boy am I diggin’ it. Great point! They grow to respect each other immensely as fellow police officers, tied together by a mutual desire to seek the truth and get justice. It’s hard not to compare others to it. Jung Hae-kyun plays Ahn Chi-soo. Hae Young naturally becomes wary about trying to change the past, but Jae Han doesn’t have such qualms and keeps pushing for information. Upon watching the first episode, I was bit disappointed. Like you, I also wouldn’t mind a season 2 noona romance for Signal , It really is! Jae Han comes to believe their different times, so communication from both sides becomes even more frequent as our heroes obtain a new level of understanding about each other. when she discovers that her old love may have But hey, why not reward those dramas that I feel are really awesome even if they don’t quite make my top 10 favorite’s list? Hi Kay! First episode is basically the flash back of the main character when he was just a young boy. We’re back again to cover the subject of drama! But in the finale the show finally got to the point! FAM I WAS TRIPPIN’ THE WHOLE TIME, in the best way possible hahahaha. This is the greatest heart-stopping ride in all the dramas after more than a decade of watching and I’m very proud to say that it is my number 1!

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