It was originally published by DC Comics in 1998, hot off the heels from their previous success, Batman: The Long Halloween, and as that Batman story dealt with holidays as the theme, this story's theme dealt with seasons. Living in a small Kansas town, the boy who would grow to be the Man of Steel must come to terms with his true origin and his uncanny abilities. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other When Superman is faced with failure at the hands of Luthor he retreats to Smallville, unsure of himself. Sale offers a timeless version of the Man of Steel. That might seem simple, but isn’t that what should exist at the core of all our great heroes? any Comic Vine content. In each of the four chapters that make up “Superman For All Seasons”, Loeb proves himself a master of mimicry, changing his voice markedly so that it is immediately crystal clear which narrator is commanding the story for the next fifty pages. » "A Man for All Seasons," a play written by Robert Bolt, retells the historic events surrounding Sir Thomas More, the Chancellor of England who remained silent regarding Henry VIII's divorce.Because More would not take an oath that would have essentially endorsed the king's separation from the church in Rome, the Chancellor was imprisoned, tried, and eventually executed. "Spring": The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written. By Don Ventura, July 7, 2013. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll For All Seasons served as a bold coming-of-age tale, and delved into the often-overlooked human side of the most powerful of all super-beings. Superman For All Seasons #1 - TPB released by DC Comics on January 1, 1999. ( Log Out /  If you could bend steel with your bare hands, soar faster than a speeding bullet, and change the course of mighty rivers, what would it mean to fail? Collected Editions Superman For All Seasons “Sometimes when the corn was planted, it shot up too soon,” observes Pa Kent. From Lana carrying her books over her shoulder using a book strap, to Clark mischievously feeding his dog Shelby from the table, to the men playing cards at the general store, Sale has masterfully captured idyllic small town life. Americana exudes from the page as you move from panel to panel of the stunning opening chapter. Issues Clark is a wide-eyed youth who doesn’t have all the answers and wears his vulnerabilities for all to see. This is the dilemma Clark Kent is presented with in the extraordinarily moving “Superman for All Seasons.”. It was published on July 1, 1998. Contents . The story also parallels the events from Superman's then-origin story John Byrne's The Man of Steel, though it can be read on its … by darkdetective27 on September 15, 2015. “Superman for All Seasons” is a coming of age story for the Man of Steel, who learns an invaluable lesson about his abilities and of his place in the world. This was made hot off the heels from their previous success, Batman: The Long Halloween, and as that Batman story dealt with holidays as the theme, this story's theme dealt with seasons.

Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Sale’s Superman is a mountain of a man, immovable and ready to take on any threat ‘ol Luthor throws his way. Winter is the story’s final season and is narrated by Clark’s first love, Lana Lang. Only one piece of “Superman For All Seasons” doesn’t work. cover, inker, penciler. By "Summer" Superman was a Metropolis fixture, attracting the attention of beautiful Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, as well as corrupt business mogul Lex Luthor. Sale’s immeasurably likable Clark exists without the bravado or need to place his hands on his hips. ( Log Out / 

Amid the aftershocks, Lois's car runs out of gas in the middle of a desert, and is swallowed by a massive fissure, effectively burying her alive.

You can help the DC Database by adding a summary of the story. As "Fall" rolled around, Metropolis fell victim to a virus, forcing Clark to retreat to Smallville, defeated and blaming himself for the viral attack. Lex the heartless monster, Lois the perceptive reporter, Lana the woman struggling with a secret, and Jonathan Kent the beacon of wisdom; Loeb takes these iconic characters and attaches sincere motivations to all of them. It’s the poignancy of the Pa Kent and Lana chapters that are the most resonant as they seek to examine Clark more closely than the two middle parts. Superman for All Seasons #1 is an issue of the series Superman for All Seasons (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1998. Similar to the premise of the Smallville television series, this hardcover book takes a look at the life of a young Clark Kent as he begins to develop strange powers. For All Seasons served as a bold coming-of-age tale, and delved into the often-overlooked human side of the most powerful of all super-beings. Colors: Bjarne Hansen Hansen uses slight brushstrokes to add subtle depth to Sale’s seemingly endless fields. Summary Needed For a book that seems totally committed to being a timeless piece, Toxin’s outfit, weapon of choice and moniker are all snatched directly from the decade in which this book was originally published. We see that this story has not only been a journey for Clark, but one for Lana as well.

Each issue features a different season of the year, both literally and metaphorically. As the most casual Superman fan might guess, this is greeted with the greatest of consternation from Lex Luthor, whose disdain for the hero is unparalleled. Superman For All Seasons Back to Comics Contents : Comics S : Superman for All Seasons Vol 1. The first of the book’s four chapters begins with Spring and is narrated by Jonathan Kent. However, the aftershocks prove no less deadly, and Superman flies all across the area rescuing people from the ensuing disasters. Original Publication Date: October 1999 Beginning in Smallville as Clark graduates from high school, “Superman For All Seasons” is set across the four seasons, covering Superman’s early years as he becomes the protector of Metropolis and strikes up an adversarial relationship with the city’s chosen son, Lex Luthor.

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