John, Lara and Luke successfully board a plane to Caracas. The Lives of Others → Nov 30 2010. […] Erst im letzten Drittel, in den titelgebenden drei Tagen, nimmt ‚72 Stunden‘ zunehmend Fahrt auf und entwickelt sich zum packenden Thriller, der allerdings oftmals unglaubwürdig wirkt. We often talk about how we’d do anything for our loved ones: John carries it out. AMC Theatres Doubtful They Can Stay In Business After Shutdowns, Unhinged Ending Explained: What the Final Scene Means, 1BR Ending Explained: What The Horror Movie's Twist REALLY Means, Star Wars: Why Palpatine Didn't Have Another Apprentice After Return of the Jedi, Doctor Strange 2 Casts Baby-Sitters Club Star In Mystery Role, Godzilla vs Kong Trolls Fans Over Movie Trailer Not Releasing Yet, Wonder Woman May Exist In The Batman's Universe, James Bond 26: 007 Needs A New Q (Especially If Tom Hardy Is Cast), Buck Rogers Movie In The Works At Legendary, Star Wars: Why Palpatine Really Saved Darth Vader On Mustafar, What Happened To Chris Tucker After The Rush Hour Movies, Captain America Was Never Worthy Of Mjolnir, Steve Rogers Was, Doctor Strange 2 Can Payoff Avengers: Endgame's Captain Britain Tease, Horizon Line Trailer Reveals Entire Survival Movie Set On Small Airplane, Marvel Wasted The Opportunity To Tell The Avengers Coulson Is Alive, Spider-Man Art Argues TASM’s Black Cat Should Come Over To The MCU, Who Is Yelena Belova?

In the original movie, the wife’s innocence is made clear from the get-go, but Haggis opted for ambiguity in his remake – hence why those final few scenes proving Lara isn’t guilty are so important. He sells his furniture and belongings.

On a much more healthy plane, Lara and John kiss passionately and begin to make out in their car.

November 2010 in New York City startete der Film am 19. Both are gentle, attentive parents. As the thriller progresses, John gets into all kinds of shady situations trying to prepare for the prison break – buying a gun, securing fake passports to flee the country and even killing a couple of drug dealers for money. Pennington tells John to ask himself if he can "be that guy" who knocks over an old lady or shoots a cop if it's the difference between escape and a life in jail. Haggis, der als Drehbuchautor den Oscar für "Million Dollar Baby" erhielt, kehrt nun - wie bei "L.A. Following Damon's advice, John prepares to break his wife out. Related: Unhinged Ending Explained: What the Final Scene Means. [12] It was released in the United States on November 19, 2010.

Part of the satisfaction in watching it comes from not knowing where it’s going to go. This driving love of John’s doesn’t manifest itself in the healthiest of ways—or even in legal ways. He won’t allow it. “Lara is not getting out!”. John, Lara und Luke haben allerdings für einen Flug nach Caracas, der Hauptstadt Venezuelas, eingecheckt und entkommen. Gefühlvoll und auch sehr spannend schildert er wie weit man für Liebe und den Glauben an die Unschuld bereit ist zu gehen. Skip to content . We could spend all day discussing the literary heft of mental vs. physical realities, but we’re always going to have to get back to those basics. The Next Three Days is, at its core, a love story. [9] (Stand März 2018), Nach der Premiere des Films am 9. Here’s the ending of the 2010's The Next Three Days explained. “It no longer matters what we believe,” the lawyer shouts. We see a couple of black-and-white flashbacks to the murder, where the extinguisher hammers into Lara’s boss’s head, sending her to the asphalt where blood pools around her head. JOIN NOW. Er manipuliert das Dokument so, dass die Glucose-Werte Laras auf akute Lebensgefahr hinweisen, und druckt es aus. Starring: Russell Crowe,Elizabeth Banks,Brian Dennehy. Als Lara daraufhin verzweifelt versucht, sich aus dem fahrenden Wagen fallen zu lassen, gibt er nach und fährt zum Zoo. [8] Von den bei Rotten Tomatoes gesammelten Filmkritiken fallen 51 % positiv aus. The website's critical consensus is: "Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks give it their all, but their solid performances aren't quite enough to compensate for The Next Three Days' uneven pace and implausible plot. And it seems that the impetus to breaking her out comes from John seeing her in the bed with her wrists bandaged and bloodstained. John kämpft für eine Revision des Urteils. Once glimmers of "Gladiator" begin to reveal themselves, a certain credibility is lost. Johns Vater schlägt einen Atlas auf und sucht nach einer Karte von Venezuela. Der verantwortliche Fahnder nimmt neue Ermittlungen in Laras Mordfall auf. He studies escape routes and prison routines and buys a handgun. Wie schon in "Der Fluch der zwei Schwestern" befreit sich Elizabeth Banks von ihrem Image als quirlige Komödiantin - in der wohl besten dramatischen Leistung ihrer Karriere.

Die Leiche des Dealers wird von John an einer Bushaltestelle abgelegt. John lies, cheats, steals, breaks into cars and falsifies medical records. A gripping tale of how the husband took extreme measures to plan and device a way to get his wife out … TV9 Gujarati. Later, Lara tries to kill herself again, this time by falling from a rapidly moving vehicle. Paul Haggis, Fred Cavayé, Guillaume Lemans, Catherine Breillat, Sylvie Pialat, Jacques Fieschi, Maurice Pialat, Chuck Hogan, Ben Affleck, Peter Craig, Sheldon Turner, Peter Berg, Matt Cook, Joshua Zetumer, Eric Johnson, Paul Tamasy, 8 von 13 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich. Interview with Olivia Wilde for The Next Three Days. Sie wird zu einer lebenslangen Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt. Alle Möbel sind verkauft, das Haus der Familie findet zwar einen Käufer, da Lara aber nach dem erfolglosen Antrag auf Revision in ein anderes Gefängnis verlegt werden soll, reichen die noch verbleibenden drei Tage nicht, den Verkauf abzuwickeln. 30 Mio. It strains for credibility, says Peter Bradshaw, Nine-dollar bill ... Elizabeth Banks and Russell Crowe. einem schmerzlichen Lernprozess alle Grenzen überschreiten muss, spiegelt Haggis' realistischen Ansatz. She insists she’s innocent, but the evidence is overwhelming.

Johns Eltern passen immer wieder auf Luke auf. I loved the fact that this guy was also an English teacher, so he was a romantic. John leaves the body at a bus stop. The next morning, police burst through the front door of Lara’s house and arrest her—in front of John, her horrified husband, and Luke, her bewildered 3-year-old son. [2], "Movie projector: 'Harry Potter' to conjure up one of the biggest opening weekends of all time", "Post-Xenu Beghe Reveals TV's First 'Mangina, "FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN: Paul Haggis On ‘The Next Three Days’" By: David S. Cohen, "Jail plays a role in Russell Crowe movie", "Liam Neeson filling his 'Days': Actor joins Haggis-directed thriller for Lionsgate", "Russell Crowe On Set At Allegheny County Jail", "Indian extravaganza a juicy win for rival capitals of film", "The nominees for the 8th annual Irish Film and Television Awards are in",, Fictional portrayals of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Tyler M Green and Toby J. It was indeed an intellectual and emotional experience. Nur knapp entkommen sie den Polizisten, die im Fall des toten Drogendealers ermitteln; sie haben entdeckt, dass die Wohnung Johns bereits geräumt ist, und schließen daraus, dass er eine Befreiungsaktion plant. “Did you hit him?” John asks. Ein Kollege sieht kurz nach der Tat Laras gerade davonfahrenden Wagen. The Next Three Days is a thriller starring Russell Crowe as a man trying to break his wife out of prison, but what happened during its ending? Allerdings hat Johns Vater gerade an diesem Tag mit seiner Frau eine lange Spazierfahrt unternommen, um sich die Herbstfärbung anzusehen. Along the way he puts his son in some highly compromising situations and takes moviegoers through a virtual classroom curriculum on “how to break the law.”.

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