The dish is also common in French-speaking parts of Louisiana, particularly the Cajun areas of Southern Louisiana as well as New Orleans, United States. [180][181] Many species are isolated in restricted ranges by changes of climate or inhospitable territory, such as stretches of sea, mountain ridges, deserts, forest clearance, road construction, or other man-made barriers. Their skin varies in colour from well-camouflaged dappled brown, grey and green to vivid patterns of bright red or yellow and black to show toxicity and ward off predators. This could be a reason for the name of these frogs.
These giant frogs are mainly found in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Although much of its body freezes during this time, it maintains a high concentration of glucose in its vital organs, which protects them from damage. In many species such as the Great Plains toad (Bufo cognatus), the male restrains the eggs with his back feet, holding them in place for about three minutes.

Discovered by Charles Darwin, these frogs have a proboscis-like elongation on the tips of their noses. Aquatic eggs normally hatch within one week when the capsule splits as a result of enzymes released by the developing larvae.
However, they have remains of tail muscles. The dorsal skin of northern cricket frogs carry blotchy patterns and a color that ranges between gray, green, or brown.

Their habitat set-up is similar to that of freshwater or tropical fish. [155] Frogs from temperate climates hibernate during the winter, and four species are known to be able to withstand freezing during this time, including the wood frog (Rana sylvatica). The Pacman frog has a normal life expectancy of 6-7 years, yet can even achieve 10 years. Its nose causes the species to the tunnel. Their dorsal coloration varies from grays, browns and greens with a dark banding found on their legs as well as a white line running from their eyes to their foreleg. Red-eyed tree frogs are bright colored and beautiful, which makes them one of the most sought-after... Green Tree Frogs. They have vertical pupils. Researchers at the University of Queensland have found that during aestivation, the metabolism of the frog is altered and the operational efficiency of the mitochondria is increased. While most of these frogs are found in New Guinea and Madagascar, they can be seen in some parts of Central and South America, Asia, and Australia. An adult frog has a stout body, protruding eyes, anteriorly-attached tongue, limbs folded underneath, and no tail (except in tailed frogs). [45] For the skin to serve as a respiratory organ, it must remain moist. [120] Madagascan burrowing frogs are less fossorial and mostly bury themselves in leaf litter. Most toads and some frogs have large poison glands, the parotoid glands, located on the sides of their heads behind the eyes and other glands elsewhere on their bodies.

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