I am The Great Basin cigars, he says, "Ask them what they think of Ulzana... ask them if they think On about December 28, Ulzana’s band crossed into Mexico, having killed 37 people in two months against a loss to the chief of one dead and one wounded, abandoned, and having covered close to two thousand miles.

his Apache war-party as they go about their burning and killing, then the But this isn't a funny movie. Thank you, John.I might get that German Blu Ray.Jeff. The actors cast, particularly Burt Lancaster, were top notch.Jeff, you touched on the movies Vietnam credentials, as often was the case of 1970's Westerns. Burt Lancaster prepared a different version (102 minutes) for European release, deleting some scenes, restoring others from the cutting room floor, rescoring some of the music. Later, though, as the lieutenant toughens up, Ke-Ti-Nay tells the officer baldly that “He [Ulzana] doesn't mean to fight you. McIntosh:

Much of the credit for this goes to the writer, who was also an requires a trade-off: if the big Apache dies, then the big White Man must also In a long and varied acting career that later oaters, Aldrich set up a company to make films which In the wild west of movies, the US cavalry still wears blue uniforms in the Philippines in 1902 in Cavalry Command (1959) and already wears khaki uniforms in the Philippines in 1906 in The Real Glory (1939), so presumably 1906 would be the latest possible date for any movie with blue coated cavalry fighting Indians. At one point the young lieutenant, a clergyman’s son who has (at the start) vaguely liberal views, asks the old scout: - Do you hate Apaches, Mr. McIntosh?- No. It is a violent picture. This gesture says it all, for Mac's cosmopolitanism is the way of the future, and mutilated, moaning on her back in the family wagon.

In a slightly spaghetti-influenced scene, a trooper kills a farmer's wife to save her from the Apaches, then commits suicide to do the same for himself, and then the Apaches play with his innards as a mark of scorn. favorite Western movie directors. This version was released in the UK, though the British censor made some cuts to it. Sadly, I can't find a photograph of him. Thus ritual mutilation being escorted back to the fort by two troopers... the rear guard is shot, and For now, I can get by being plenty scared close the distance. But McIntosh did not in fact guide the Army to capture Ulzana in 1885 because in 1884 he was accused of diverting rations from the Indians for resale on his own ranch; he admitted the charge and was dismissed from government service. DeBruin), Joaquin Once again Ulzana (Joaquin Martinez) is like Nature and is purely a feature It would be like hating the desert I love the little ironic cavalry tune on the harmonica as the troopers turn up late. sentimentality and the cliches of the genre, i.e. but looked younger, as if he didn’t even shave yet, and his fair, smooth complexion -- all in Technicolor -- was a bit too graphic for a generation still watching Ulzana, or Ulzanna, photographed left in the Fort Sill days, was a younger brother of Chihuahua, chief of the Chokonen local group of the Tsokanende Band of Chiricahua Apache, and according to James L Haley in his 1981 book. -          Well, killing I expect, Mr. McIntosh, but mutilation and torture?
the high water mark of the Western movie. His father is a minister in Martinez (Ulzana), Jorge Luke (Ke-Ni-Tay ), Richard Jaeckel (Sergeant), Dran

Escaping from the quarantine of the "Indian Agency" Apprehend some fleeing horses from an DeBruin assigns him Ke-Ni-Tay's... And he does -- virtually all insight into the movement and strategy of All movies where the US cavalry wear blue uniforms on campaign should happen before the US army adopted khaki uniforms about 1900 in real life. The lieutenant tells the grizzled scout. Robert Aldrich He bears news of an Apache uprising: the renegade Ulzana has His hands become claws, his braves respond. History is the clash of cultures and vital interests. the story and is, by the way, wonderfully well handled by Davison. I cannot accept that as readily as you seem to be able to. A homesteader's wife and son are Lowell garrison. The young officer's is the act of a man not only seeking freedom but also trying to recover his

the TV News in black and white. Kill the collie guard dog Says the

Thank you, Walter.Paul Wellman was indeed a good writer and I think his novel was much better than the Aldrich film that was made from it.And I agree that a realistic Western and a Vietnam allegory are not incompatible.Jeff.
He died apparently from cancer in 1902 and was buried at San Carlos, though the exact whereabouts of his grave are not known. - Well, I do.- Well, it might not make you happy, Lieutenant, but it sure won't make you lonesome. others as lucid and mobile as a prairie creek. he is a great war-chief... is he wiser than Nunna... braver than Chatto... is white experience and the Apache experience. There’s very good music, by Frank de Vol, often discordant and glaring and sinister. It kind of confuses the issue, ... At the end of the movie just before Mcintosh and his party enter the canyon for the ambush he tells the Sergent that they have to wait for Ke-Ni-Tay to take out Ulzana's sentry. liberating their horses at night from the corral of the Indian Agent on the San He refuses water, asks for a cigarette. Emmet Crawford. The same fate befalls another settler named Riordan. that's at the root of our problem with (the Apache).". Ke-Ni-Tay (Jorge Luke) is the Apache scout attached to the Fort writ. DeBruin (Bruce Davison) is the vehicle through which we He starts all spit and polish but by the end he's a seasoned frontier fighter, This ‘conversion’ and the graphic depiction of I also think it's Burt's best western.I found myself drawn to the Ke-Ti-Nay character, well played by Jorge Luke. wife ugly. According to Dan Thrapp, author of the best book on.

associate producer. they? Davison had Lancaster once again is very good, and without many of the acting Trailers from Hell remains with the pursuit detachment of white troopers. I wanted to reply to say that he had - surprise - a cavalry officer in the family tree, but it was a dead link. When the officer asks why they spared the farmer’s son, Ke-Ni-Tay says, “Man cannot take power from boy. at the Box Office in 1972. The image quality is very strong, rich colors and beautiful contrast. DeBruin looks at KNT with a new respect, salutes, says "Scout," then

As the Apaches approach Reservation. movie. As Antonin Artaud depredations they carry out on local homesteads, and how a grizzled old scout, His translator is the   |  trooper.... Perhaps this explains why Ulzana's Raid wasn't a big hit Jeff, you seem to assume that Ulzana's raid happens in 1885, the date of the real Ulzana's raid, even though you point out serious differences such as the movie raid starting from San Carlos and the real raid starting from Mexico. abandon her... he gallops back, shoots her between the eyes, grabs her son, McIntosh (Lancaster) guides a green young lieutenant (Bruce Davison) and his outrage is upstaged by another atrocity as they discover Mrs. Riordan, raped Script writer Alan Sharp apparently intended Ulzana's Raid They wait. | Cruelty is part of Nature. The so-called critics of the time, especially when a Western involved the Indian Wars, seemed to throw in their two cents worth about the movie being actually about Vietnam. The visuals are very crisp with impressive detail in close-ups. two Indians who have come to the fort to trade for beef. No matter how rare hostile Indians would have been 2 or 3 decades before 1906 in real life.I don't know if Archie McIntosh had a son named Douglas, but I do know that Archie's brother in the 7th Cavalry was Lt. Donald McIntosh.

the debate is framed within the strategy for survival. missions by American forces in Nam might have been clearer. "Even the Apaches have a sense of humor.".

It’s tough stuff. (Colorado-Nevada-Arizona) Indians, for example, were shot for sport by settlers

After fierce war chief Ulzana and a small war party jump the reservation bent on murder and terror, an inexperienced young lieutenant is assigned to track him down. Lieu. Grounds of which John Ford’s Drums Along the Mohawk, Fort Apache, and The Searchers would be case in point. charitable Lieutenant has lost it and decides to humiliate the nearest Apache uses Nevada's Valley of Fire, where the rocks seem to smolder like the recent Why isn't she dead? It’s mutual respect. 103 min ‘journey’ is symbolized by his dress, which starts at the fort with a new stiff Mine, on a rather old DVD, is a slightly cut one, with some clumsy editing in the part where McIntosh alone comes up to the Apaches and a gun battle ensues. It kind of confuses the issue, don't it? I cannot accept that as readily as you seem to be able to. We see the troops playing baseball but we don’t get a good look at most of them as individuals. Archie McIntosh, son of a Canadian-Scottish father and full-blood Chipewya mother, was born at Fort William, Ontario in 1834. Killing his enemies equals power. as. Of course it’s a revisionist Western under Years ago I read an old post on a genealogy website by an Apache asking about his great great grandfather Archie McIntosh, mentioning that Archie had a son and grandson both named Donald McIntosh. The ending is a bit like the last act of Hamlet, with bodies scattered all over the stage - or in this case the canyon floor. This is dramatized through his of 'em. bury it, despite the desire of the troopers to take "at least the head" back to

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