After several discussions both clubs agreed that we share the same ambitions for the long-term future of football in the area at all levels of the game. Tickets are limited, so ensure you don't miss out by booking now! The second guiding principle was that goals could not be awarded after a game had finished, and that is still also the case.

With his death the last link with the Old Vale Team of over 60 years before was finally broken. Click to Enlarge. And, of course, there was no way back. The club would like to thank everyone who contributed in one way or another to the success of Vales Christmas Draw. This award is recognition from the Scottish FA Central Regional Committee of the best practice that has been demonstrated within the Club through the promotion of safe play and player and volunteer development. He was actually Lord Kinnaird who had a family seat in Perthshire, and later became a very popular President of the Football Association for many years right into the 1920’s. WC Wood, goal-keeper in the 1877 cup-winning team. He had worked in what became the UTR until well into his 70’s and when he died in 1923 aged 79, he was buried in Millburn Church Yard. The Loving Cup showing all of the engraving on the trophy. The entry for season 1878 – 79 (on the Cup itself, not the plinth) reads “Vale of Leven, Rangers did not appear”. The formation of a new West of Scotland League will provide a geographical balance and allow a route for ambitious clubs in the west of the country to progress through the Scottish football system. Parlane was a keen participant in out-field play (in those days the keeper could handle the ball outside his area) and was regarded as a bit reckless by some observers because of that. document.getElementById("searchbox_004665003502218809089:nce7-imqjle"), Vale of Leven have a long and proud history. The Loving Cup now occupies its proper place in the SFA Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park where its story of team and community pride and loyalty continues to command respect from followers of the great game. This looks really old but the players faces are all quite recognisable. document.getElementById("results_004665003502218809089:nce7-imqjle")); Nobody knew quite how the game would go and certainly no one expected the comfortable 3-1 victory which the Vale team produced. 9. Many former players from down through the years attended the previous nine dinners and will no doubt be back again to enjoy the company of former team mates as well as the excellent meal and speakers. Issued George Fraser (Chairperson SLFL), John Greenhorn (Chairperson EoSFL), Colin Holden (President SoSFL), Vale apply to join new WEST OF SCOTLAND LEAGUE. Many years later, when the players had retired from the game, an annual reunion of the cup-winning players was started by the players themselves. He spent his later years at 130 Bridge Street and died in 1930. I'm writing to you because as a guess that the team is shown in this photo. They produced what on the face of it even now seems to have been a credible witness, if such a thing can be found at any football match, never mind a Cup Final - the man whom they said the ball had hit and bounced back into play. The interim arrangements will build on what has been achieved to date and will start discussions on the process and timetable for the creation of a permanent WoSFL Board and administration. If not received by Thursday please email 12. Have a look at it and if you can offer any information about any of the players or the team we would be very grateful. From there it was a short journey to what is now best known as a cricket ground – the Kennington Oval. The other mistake is that in the 1879 list of forwards, JC McGregor is listed as having played. Your entry to the competition constitutes your acceptance of our game rules. The idea of a Loving or a Grace Cup was a very old one, in Scotland and elsewhere, and it took various forms. Vales 10th Annual Sportsman’s Dinner will take place on Saturday 25th April 2020 at Dumbarton Football Stadium. Click To Enlarge.

We feel we have achieved fair and balanced Conferences and can only hope we get as much of a season as is possible under current circumstances. There are actually a couple of engraving mistakes on the Cup. The WoSFL website and social media platforms are also being set up. (Click to Enlarge), 6. Colin Holden [  South of Scotland League]. The new league will be organised on a Conference basis, with final set up dependant on numbers. So far, some have proved pretty resistant to research, but quite a lot is known about many of the others, which can be summarized as follows: 1. In fact the engraver made That way the numbers decide for the 44 teams and the live ballot you may have seen earlier completes the process.

It is clear that Gunter is correct. Importance of a Good Defence in the Lowland League, 3 Popular Football Bet Types You Should Know About, CODE OF CONDUCT FOR SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN’S WELLBEING, Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale v Vale of Leithen,,, The current squad play in the Abercorn Builders Central League First Division. of the outings of the Old Team. new CSEOverlay("004665003502218809089:nce7-imqjle", 1928 Wembley Wizards team. Words used by his contemporaries to describe him include modest, hard working, a true sportsman and a thorough gentleman on and off the field. He played in the Vale Team of 1879 and for some years after that.


Now on display at the Scottish Football About two of the donors not a lot is known at the present. Even in the 1920’s he was being described as “perhaps the greatest footballer that Scotland has produced.”. This is an exciting time for football in the West of Scotland and the pyramid in general. function OnLoad() { The FA Cup which Wanderers owned was produced and a great many toasts were drunk from it as it was passed round. After his death even his team-mates seem to have referred to him as Mr Wood, perhaps customary at the time for someone who had achieved managerial status. A number of others from the Old Vale Team also made it to their Golden Weddings. The scheduled meeting last night with Lowland, East of Scotland, South of Scotland and West Region Juniors took place via video conferencing due to current travel and person-to-person restrictions in place. We are very interested in expanding the academy as and when the time is right. The first is an invitation from Thomas Vallance, a member of the Rangers team who played against Vale of Leven in the 1877 Scottish cup final. However, the Vale was the first Scottish team, other than Queen’s Park, which had been invited down as winners of the Scottish Cup to play the winners of the FA Cup. I am delighted to be able to share with you what our Conference set up will be for the first season of the West of Scotland Football League.

Apparently this picture of the 1880s - is likely to 1886-1888, since then the team has played young Jimmy Cowan in the future, the great Aston Villa midfielder. Again it looks like a straightforward engraver’s error with J McGregor occupying the same place as he did on the 1878 entry, but poor old Peter McGregor is written out of the Loving Cup, although not of the newspaper reports. Peter McGregor, forward in the 1879 cup-winning team, he is the man who was omitted from the Loving Cup, his place being wrongly attributed to his name-sake JC McGregor. Click the image to display a larger version in a new window. without our written consent is prohibited. Vale of Leven Football & Athletic Club are based in the town of Alexandria near Loch Lomond in Scotland. This was to prove to be one of the most noteworthy of all Scottish cup finals, with a mixture of the dangerous, the comic and the dramatic.... and then there was the football. Who could believe it? As a strong Gladstonian Liberal and involved in the Co-operative Society, JC was elected to the first Bonhill Parish council in 1895. Caring relationships matter, particularly in times of change and challenge. 50% of all money taken could be yours if you are the ……………. Rentonian Alex Jackson, was to follow suite in the Thus we now know when it was first presented to the Old Vale Team and that the three donors were indeed Vale men, supporters rather than businessmen. About the growing popularity of football-themed online slots and the top 3 you must checkout today! We have had a partnership with FC Argyle over the years having watched them grow to a club with over 120 adult and youth players on their books and have SFA Silver Quality Mark status. He also won 2 caps, both against England, in 1878 and 1882. So far nothing more is known about him. 13. Should two or more participants remain standing after all 10 groups of fixtures are complete, the Last Man Standing prize will be shared equally between them. It was assumed that Cup remained in the surviving players’ hands until the death of the last of them, Andrew McIntyre, in 1941 and that after Andy’s death his family entrusted it to the Vale of Leven District Council. By that time only 6 members of the Old Vale Team were still alive and living in Scotland, and a further 2 died in 1929, so the re-unions probably did not go on much beyond 1929. Once a team selection is made you will not be able to change it. Born 1856 died 1902. James McIntyre on the veranda of his retiral 'You Matter, We Care' is a campaign led by Breathing Space, to highlight the benefits kindness and positive relationships can have on our mental wellbeing. Hopefully all existing 63 members of the West Region SJFA will sign up and with a few other notes of interest from outside clubs it seems likely that the legues will be on seeded conferences for the first year to determine which division clubs will be placed for subsequent years. The same Jimmy Cowan can be seen in the back row, second left of the Vale of Leven picture above. Click to Enlarge. He had little formal schooling as he was always ready to admit, but soon showed a prowess for running which made him one of the leading Scottish runners of his day, at distances from 300 yards, through the half mile, to the mile. (Jimmy Cowan entry in Wikipedia.). This was a big event for the wider Vale community and a large and enthusiastic crowd turned up at the station to see them off. FC Argyle youth teams will take on the Vale of Leven name and form an academy. Already several Clubs have made positive suggestions such as how the league might be developed. Vales existing 2005 age group side will be joined by Dumbarton Riverside 2004’s who will play under the Vale name also. Although he didn’t play in the first cup final victory in 1876, he was the keeper in the Vale team which played Queen’s Park on January 14th 1873 to open the Vale’s new ground at Cameron’s Park.

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