the abyss that separates the perception of the symbol of the sickle and hammer from the 1970s through the vision of enzo mari. Geben Sie Ihre Adresse ein, dann werden Sie eine E-Mail von Visitportugal erhalten. He began interacting with the urban environment through the practice of graffiti in the early 2000s. “, The disposition of the people in the composition, side-by-side, aims to symbolize not only the concept of frontline but also cooperation and teamwork.”, An Intricate Lace Mural Envelops the Facade of a French Fashion Museum, Insatiable Mouths and Fingers Rouse a Delicate Tea Set by Artist Ronit Baranga, A Staggering Sculptural Rug by Artist Faig Ahmed Pours into an Amorphous Puddle, Uncoiled Rope Sprawls Across Canvases and Open Spaces in Organic Forms by Artist Janaina Mello Landini, A Prismatic Installation with Giant, Abstract Forms Sweeps Across a Berlin Museum, Banksy Finances ‘Louise Michel’ Lifeboat to Rescue Refugees From the Mediterranean, As a Tribute, Vhils Carves Ten Masked Healthcare Workers into a Hospital Wall in Porto, Splash and Burn: An Artist-Led Initiative Raising Awareness About the Negative Effects of Palm Oil Production in South Asia, A 20,000-Square-Foot Tribute to Healthcare Workers Emerges at Queens Museum. Versuchen Sie es erneut. Weitere Informationen in den Nutzungsbestimmungen und Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten,[0]=im_field_poi_tipo%3A488. It is a commendation of the courage, dedication, and selflessness with which they place their lives at risk in the defense of our own.”. known for his groundbreaking carving technique where he uses a palette of bricks, white paint, and torn billboards, vhils extracts different wall sections in order to highlight the piece’s site-specific topics. have something to add?

Infante D. Henrique, LisboaAlexandre Farto, der auch mit dem Namen Vhils unterschreibt, hat eine einzigartige visuelle Sprache entwickelt, die auf eine Ästhetik des Vandalismus basiert, die aus seinem Background beim illegalen Graffiti stammt.

It’s all very symbolical so take it as a semi-archaeological dissecting of layers of history and culture.” Highlights below.

Recent wall completed by Vhils in April for “Look at Porto”, in the great city of Porto, Portugal.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is a Portuguese artist who currently works and lives in London and Lisbon. Look at Porto - Rua da Ancira, nº 6 e 8, 4050-045 Porto, Portugal - Rated 4.9 based on 47 Reviews "Great place, great experience, great atmosphere. the ten faces are a tribute to these often forgotten true everyday heroes and to highlight both their individual importance and that of portugal’s national health service. To honor essential workers, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by Vhils (), recently completed an expansive public artwork at the São João University Hospital Centre in Porto. the photographer had been engaged in the documentation of the music industry and youth culture, but the pandemic changed the focus of his lens. Vhils creates his unique wall art by dissecting poster ads and carving into or excavating walls with tools such as etching acid, bleach, pneumatic drills and other processes, to reveal their layers. Each mural has a sign with its title, name of the artist and additional information about the used mediums – therefore it looks like a gallery exhibition.

Vhils is Portugal’s best-known creator of urban art, and already well known internationally. São João University Hospital Centre in Porto. *Die Anleitung, wie Sie ein neues Passwort erhalten, wird an Ihre Adresse gesendet. Location: Rua da Ancira 6-8, Porto In 2013, she authored the book ', Security Cam Captures Woman's Happy Dance After Nailing a Job Interview, Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Depict Women Submerging Themselves in Glistening Waters, Artist Turns Old Bike Chains Into Spectacular Metal Sculptures Inspired by Nature and Humans, Winners of the Close-Up Photographer of the Year Awards Give Their Unique Perspective on the World, Giant Clapping Hands Are Projected Around the World to Say ‘Thank You’, Banksy Pays Tribute to Healthcare Heroes in New Artwork Gifted to Hospital, Illustrations Highlight Bravery of Healthcare Professionals During Coronavirus Pandemic, Massive Flower Arrangements Appear on NYC Streets in Support of COVID-19 Healthcare Workers, Crossroads: A Glimpse Into the Life of Alice Pasquini, Patchwork-Style Animal Murals Raise Awareness of Endangered Species Around the World, Vibrant Street Mural Transforms a Busy Crosswalk Into a Walkable Work of Art, Graffiti Artist “Drapes” Beautiful Lace Patterned Mural Across a Fashion Museum, Banksy’s Version of Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ Expected to Earn Up to $6.5 Million at Auction, Elegant Calligraphy Mural Greets Passersby With an Uplifting Quote From a 14th Century Poet, 3D Mural of Precarious Teacups Comes “Crashing” To Life With Augmented Reality, Dolly Parton’s Black Lives Matter Statement Is Now a Mural in Nashville, This New Digital Archive Preserves Black Lives Matter Protest Art From Around the World, Massive Mural Depicts an Otherworldly Woman Holding the Earth Between Her Fingers, Mural Artists Cover a Massive Outdoor Staircase in a Neon-Colored Geometric Rug, This Eco-Friendly Mural Uses Special Paint That Eats Smog To Help Clean the Air, ‘AnonyMouse’ Street Artists Install Miniature Shops and Restaurants for Mice on City Streets. She cultivated expertise in street art which led to the purchase of her photographic archive by the Treccani Italian Encyclopedia in 2014. É necessário seleccionar um ponto de partida.

All images © Vhils, by Expanding Roots, shared with permission, To honor essential workers, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by Vhils (previously), recently completed an expansive public artwork at the São João University Hospital Centre in Porto. Become a Colossal Member and support independent arts publishing. “The disposition of the people in the composition, side-by-side, aims to symbolize not only the concept of frontline but also cooperation and teamwork.”, Follow Vhils on Instagram to keep up with his upcoming carved artworks, and check out the book he recently released that collects his public projects. vhils honors healthcare workers + ancillaries with massive mural in porto. Given the great sacrifice that these workers gave during the coronavirus, it seems only fitting that their portraits—appropriately masked—should be revealed at this time. located on the entrance of porto’s university hospital center of são joão, this new mural by vhils features ten massive faces that represent the doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, kitchen and maintenance workers that have been battling the pandemic. Photo: José Pando Lucas. – Vhils on Facebook, ~ By Vhils ~ Porto, Portugal – Photo: Vhils on Facebook, ~ By Vhils ~ Porto, Portugal – Photo:, Gallery | Posted on February 29, 2016 by Aneta StreetArtRat. Portuguese street artist Vhils is paying tribute to his country's healthcare workers the best way he knows how—with a mural.

“The piece combines natural and human elements, with the figure’s eye gazing out poetically towards the city and its old neighbourhoods, humanising the built environment while highlighting the wealth of its human heritage.” – Vhils on Facebook ~ By Vhils ~ Porto, Portugal – Photo: Vhils on Facebook ~ By Vhils ~ … Der Künstler verwendet zahlreiche Mittel, aber die Azulejos (Fliesen) und die Wandmalerei sind die ausdrucksvollsten. ‘starting today, this new symbolic front line will accompany all those who enter or leave the university hospital center of são joão, so that we do not forget those who work altruistically for the well-being of the population, in support and service to the community,’ commented vhils on facebook, where he first unveiled the images of the mural. I believe we are all composed by layer upon layer of social and historical fabric. “It is a commendation of the courage, dedication, and selflessness with which they place their lives at risk in the defense of our own,” the artist says.

according to the ruling, the british artist cannot hold trademarks while his identity remains unknown. Join now! Site-specific wall piece with hand-carved advertising posters | Approx. keep up with our daily and weekly stories, banksy’s ‘I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t’ auction breaks records, a colossal, full-scale statue of godzilla takes shape on japan's awaji island, artists turn famed new york city timepiece into a countdown clock to climate disaster, pillars made from the biomass of dead palm trees populate a riverside site in portugal, digital artist murat yıldırım gives famous artworks a furry makeover, from a le corbusier rooftop, space invaders take over marseille, dutch street artist paints a massive bookcase on a three-level building in utrecht, fragile teacups tumble out of a building in leon keer's ‘shattering’ 3D mural in sweden, camille walala brightens the streets of east london with completed mural 'walala parade', anonymouse installs miniature, mouse-themed record store in sweden, vhils participates in a 'locked-down' artist takeover of a london victorian townhouse, vhils carves 'ethereal' mural into the facade of miami's GGA gallery, VHILS exhibits his sculptural take on globalization with two solo shows in paris, VHILS chisels endangered orangutan mural to raise awareness before it's too late, alexandre farto AKA vhils studio visit and interview in lisbon, enzo mari: falce e martello (sickle and hammer) at galleria milano, banksy loses trademark legal battle with greeting-card company while his identity remains a mystery, roberto graziano moro documents the COVID-19 crisis in venice, italy, in its most critical moments.

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