If you're still reading this we'd like to wish you Happy Holidays! Dwayne Johnson as Allias, a saber toothed tiger.

Brother Bear is a Disney's Animated Sequel after the events of Brother Bear 3 (2005) film. IMAX, along with Bailey And Megan, Charlton Park : The Movie,

https://brotherbear.fandom.com/wiki/Nita?oldid=7105. Jeremy Suarez has all the irritating spunk and sass as the youthful Koda that make him a lovable brother-to-be for Kenai. Harry is voiced by John Cusack, who voiced Dimitri. When Nita reveals what her mission is, Kenai refuses to help. Also, I think given what I now know about the AR of Brother Bear, They should have gone full 16:9 and then into 'Scope. A film that did little at the box office gets a sequel, great animation, and a pretty stupid story. born with soft luxury blonde/yellow fur like her mother well meet yuna the most beautiful bear in her sleuth (bear family).she is the youngest among her 2 brothers.disliked by her father yuna does her best by picking berries,collecting honey and fishing for the biggest salmon to prove to her father she is worth been there.but there is one thing yuna hates she absolutely hates been called blossom or little pink blossom she considers it as a flirt.she will join in competitions with Koda,tug,kenai and Nita to see who can catch the biggest salmon.she lives at the salmon run with her father and mother since her two brothers left.she spends time with Koda catching salmon with him and been motherly towards him in which Nita doesn't like since yuna wants cubs of her own.yuna love going to crowberry ridge with Koda and ash to crowberry ridge it's her favorite place but she is miserable when she has to hibernate.she helped a lost bear cub escape from atka once but the cub's name is not known.
Doug takes a look at Brother Bear 2. The raccoons attempt to get the amulet back, but fail due to Kenai helping Nita. Brother Bear 2 .

Koda reveals that he had asked The Great Spirits to change Kenai back to a human. You must log in or register to reply here. Black levels are also superb. Nita travels through the forest and comes across a bear, which she fights. Nita goes to her tribe's shawoman Innoko, who tells her that due to Kenai (who is now living as a bear) giving Nita his amulet, they have been bonded by The Great Spirits and in order to sever the bond so Nita can marry Atka, she must go with Kenai to Hokani Falls during the equinox and burn the amulet. Brother Bear – 4/5 Jeremy Suarez, now a little kid, he going to be the kid voice, At 120 minutes, this is the first longest Brother Bear, This is the first Brother Bear film to be part hand, The baby elephant resembles Baby Tantor from Tarzan, Atka made an appearance at the beginning dancing and, Phil Collins, who did Tarzan and the first Brother Bear, Kenai's rear is hand drawn in most scenes, but when he, The song Welcome is inculded in Brother Bear, was sung, The seventh AlliasToon film to be released in 3D and, The film was shown in 3D and 2D which this is the first. There is no banding in the image. As a child, she belonged to a tribe that lived near Kenai. There are exquisite scenes of the three brothers horseplaying with one another that seem so very real, and yet once the transformation occurs, one simply slides right into the film’s shift in tone as the character’s picaresque allows him to see the world through fresh eyes with a number of surprises along the way. She decides to wear her mother's wedding dress, to which Chilkoot tells Nita that seeing her wearing the dress makes her look like her mother on her wedding day. These Disney direct-to-video sequels aren't usually that good, and I figured this one would be no exception.
The unmistakable voice of Michael Clarke Duncan enlivens the salmon catching sequence as big bear Tug. The film has been divided into 28 chapters. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound mix in the first film shows Phil Collins’ songs and Mark Mancina’s score to best advantage with a wide spread through the soundstage. Adams and Tori Kelly. Nita and Kenai get into an argument over it. Cast . Even the dim bulb moose Tuke  (Dave Thomas) and Rutt (Rick Moranis) find ladies to their liking (voiced by Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara) and spend the length of the film trying to win their favor. When projected correctly in theaters, the effect of the changing ratios was really incredible in the theatrical release when it opened up to scope. siblings-2 brother (valko and ash) (c)mine, friends-tug,kenai,Nita,Koda,other cubs,her brothers, Personality-protective,loving,brave,loyal,trustworthy, likes-playing with cubs,fishing,berries,climbing,swimming, dislikes-falling,cold water,fire,spears,hunters,violence,being called blossom (she considers it as a flirt). During her early childhood, Nita and her tribe lived near Tanana's tribe, of whom her friend Kenai was a member.

Frankly, I couldn't get into Brother Bear at all. Even the dim bulb moose Tuke  (Dave Thomas) and Rutt (Rick Moranis) find ladies to their liking (voiced by Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara) and spend the length of the film trying to win their favor. Kenai places his paw on Nita's chest, making Nita realise that he is expressing his feelings for her, which she returns. The silly, attention-deprived moose have ceased being amusing, and Nita isn’t a particularly likable or notable character either. Melissa Etheridge has written some fine songs to mirror on-screen events including the touching “It Will Be Me” and the introductory “Welcome to This Day.” Otherwise, Ben Gluck’s direction stretches the brief movie into what seems like two hours, and Patrick Dempsey doesn’t quite capture the same nuances of awe and the loving bond that Joaquin Phoenix displayed in the original (though he gives it an honest and commendable effort).

Atlantis 3 : Attack of the Sabre Tooth ect.

The silly, attention-deprived moose have ceased being amusing, and Nita isn’t a particularly likable or notable character either. "Brother Bear 2" was released in 2006. Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. As the film’s comic relief, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis bring their SCTV McKenzie brothers to the screen in the forms of two rather lunkheaded moose Tuke and Rutt. For those who can’t get enough of their satirical Canadian doofuses, the track will be a highlight of the disc but otherwise steer clear. 74 min - Animation | Adventure | Family - Tuesday, 29 August 2006 (USA) 6.2 /10 : 59 people rate - YouTheater. So, she must find Kenai and under a spell which allows her to understand his bear speech and her human speech, they must together destroy his talisman she had been wearing all these years. Nita later talks Kenai and asks if he misses being human. The pair get trapped under an avalanche, but are rescued by Kenai, who assures Koda that he would never leave him. both films – 4/5 Naturally, the animation is leagues away from the detail and vivid imagery in the original film.

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