It honestly took a lot of guts (and some physical strength) for her to hit Jack and drag him into the pantry in the midst of almost paralyzing fear. For example, the aforementioned baseball bat scene was filmed a grueling 127 times. Does this mean she doesn't shine? Realizing that Danny has become lost within himself from whatever trauma he experienced in room 237, she comes up with the only viable plan: Get Danny out of there. Wendy is a brave, courageous woman whose heroics help save her son, herself, and Dick Halloran. That means Wendy could stay home to care for Danny and keep the family humming along, though we don’t know if she had other aspirations outside the home.

The hotel becomes attracted to Jack because of it (Danny too). But adapting to the Overlook, with its severe social limitations and claustrophobia, will put Wendy Torrance in a position to truly set herself free. Over the course of the movie, the fate of Wendy Torrance -- mother of protagonist Dan Torrance -- is revealed.

The past 40 years have been an interesting journey The Shining. Up to when Jack begins chasing her with the mallet, Wendy's thoughts are often analytical and almost cool. Jack doesn’t become crazy because of the Overlook. Does Wendy Torrance have to be on your favorite horror heroines list? We can surmise that Jack’s reputation, mostly due to his alcoholism, has gotten him into trouble with many an employer. She played Wendy Torrance …

(Week Ending 25th September 2020) | Together Let's Promote Horror, The entrance to the maze changes several times, There are doors that shouldn’t be where they are in the building, The window behind Ullman in his office cannot exist, Pay close attention to the doors in Halloran’s pantry tour, The pink and gold ballroom is too big for the actual structure, There are stairs and passages to nowhere as if we’re in an Escher drawing. The two men discuss alcohol, or “medicine” as "Lloyd"calls it, and Dan states that Wendy died when he was only 20. Wendy Torrance. ), © Copyright 2018, Crash Palace Productions, Little Shop of Horrors review by Angel Ackerman, THE LAST KNOCK presents: Best Horror Films 2018, THE LAST KNOCK presents: Diminishing Returns, THE LAST KNOCK presents: Second Chance Horror, THE LAST KNOCK presents: Graveyard Shift 30th Anniversary, Digging Up Pet Sematary Two (Part 2) by Jonny Numb, THE LAST KNOCK presents: Those We Lost 2017, Digging Up Pet Sematary Two (Part 3) by Jonny Numb, Crash Palace Productions THE LAST KNOCK presents: Diminishing Returns | Crash Palace Productions, Crash Palace Productions Hosts by Jonny Numb | Crash Palace Productions, Crash Palace Productions THE LAST KNOCK presents: Second Chance Horror | Crash Palace Productions, {Scary's Voices} Sound Bites: This weeks recommended horror podcasts. While Jack has conversations with Lloyd the barkeep and imbibes in what becomes a party infused ballroom (the heart of the Overlook), Danny sees dead sisters and gets attacked by a ghost woman who could be the wife Grady had murdered.

Doctor Sleep doesn't just open up the world of the Shining for new characters and settings, but it also answers a number of questions about just what happened after the events at the Overlook Hotel. She is a supportive, kind, dutiful, and optimistic wife and mother who hopes Jack will realize his dreams. For all her emotion, Wendy Torrance fights through with logic. […]) (46.2).She doesn't come up with any solutions in her musing, but she does see the truth, whether she shines or not. Maybe the Overlook doesn't bother Wendy because she can't shine, meaning, she can't perceive what's going on in the hotel most of the time, so she can keep her wits about her in ways Jack can't.Although she doesn't seem to have supernatural perception, her ability to believe in such things contributes to her survival. Wendy, bridges the gap, navigating the harsh world between Jack and who he wants to be, while taking care of her son, who may have created Tony to protect himself after the pain and shock of his father’s drunken abuse. DOCTOR SLEEP, Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel, takes audiences back to the world of THE SHINING—including a reunion with Wendy Torrance, mother of protagonist Dan. Wendy Torrance likely didn’t have the confidence or drive to leave without Jack because of his verbal badgering. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Sleep, in theaters now.. As Jack chases after Danny, Wendy comes face to face with the creepiness of all the Overlook’s ghosts: skeletons, bloody heads, a man in a bear costume ready to perform fellatio. Duvall admits that she was frequently sick during the six-month-long shoot due to stress from the role and being away from home. Enter Wendy Torrance. He’s a struggling writer who accepts a hotel caretaker position to make some money and hopefully pen a book. Who wouldn’t scream profusely if their spouse rammed an ax through a door? In a BBC interview, King said she’s basically in the film to scream and be stupid—a sentiment that many fans agree with to this day. ... It’s not easy for us to admit nor accept that perhaps we wouldn’t channel our favorite action hero in a life-or-death situation. He has the "shining", which allows him to detect spirits, thus making him a prime target of the Overlook Hotel.

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