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Automatic, Manual Doors and shutters

Teksec Automatic Manual Doors Shutters

Automatic, Manual Doors and shutters

A good perimeter security solution is let down if the right doors are then not in place on your buildings. At Teksec, we understand that it’s about balance, is important to specify doors that support your security requirements but still make access easy for the authorised personnel.

Manual Doors

We take pride in specifying and installing doors that suit your industrial and/or commercial situation. Our aim is to ensure that doors enhance the look of your building whilst still providing the level of security you need.

All our doors, whether manual or automatic:

  • Are made from industry standard profiles
  • Come in a range of finishes
  • Come with high quality furniture

We also supply steel doors, which can be tailored to fit both standard and non-standard opening sizes.

High Speed Doors

If you are keen to control energy costs, then high speed doors are a must. Their fast action and ability to reduce noise and contamination make them ideal for improving productivity and operating times.

Automatic Doors

Our automatic doors are designed to provide a high level of security. Each installation can be operated via either control pads or recognition systems. They are, of course, installed to meet regulatory standards.

Sectional Overhead Doors & Shutters

Sectional doors are an ideal solution where space is limited, or the threat of damage to vehicles is prevalent. We can supply sectional overhead doors in a variety of designs, with varying functionality and finishes. Similarly, roller shutters are a good solution when floor space is paramount.

We are also able to supply fire shutters and insulated shutters. Both are manufactured to the highest possible standard to ensure that they conform with regulatory requirements whilst remaining versatile and easy to operate.

Security Grilles

Finally, we are able to supply a wide range of fixed and retractable security grilles. These can be manufactured to your specification and tailored to your needs.

Our experience of installing industrial doors and shutters gives our customers peace of mind. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us today.

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