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The Teksec Velogate

The Teksec Velogate

The Velogate is Teksec’s ultimate perimeter security vehicle access solution. It’s an innovative gold standard SpeedGate we’ve developed in response to our many years of experience in the perimeter security industry.

Designed by our highly skilled engineering team, the Velogate features an encoder positioning system which is coupled to a frequency converter. This allows for a precise, quiet and smooth operation.

The main hanging post incorporates the drive unit, encoder, electronic control unit and photocells which are pre-wired in the factory thus reducing site installation times. It’s been designed to keep the foundations required as simple as possible. And in most cases can be installed just utilising two concrete pads from a single pour.

Velogate Applications?

The Velogate has been commissioned for many uses, including car parks, shopping and delivery yards and high traffic sites. All gates are fully tested and pre-commissioned in the factory, thus reducing the time required for on site commissioning.

The Velogate various options available, including:

  • Matching railing panels
  • Serrated topping
  • Barbed/razor tape extensions
  • Options for different infills
  • Traffic/warning lights (LED)
  • Vehicle loop detectors
  • Access control systems

To find out more about this robust, fast and reliable SpeedGate please contact us.

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